When we left off in the season 2 finale of the hit Star Wars series Mandalorian, we saw the triumphant arrival of Luke Skywalker, who came to reclaim Grogu and train him in the ways of the force. Then we saw this couple again Boba Fett book, where Mando found them and Luke gave Grogo a choice between staying with Skywalker to further his knowledge and training, or returning to his friend. Grogu chose Mando and this is where we pick up their journey as Season 3 begins.

It doesn’t seem like much time passed between Grogu’s departure from Mando and their reunion, the show’s creator, Jon Favreauhinting us at the time jump between those scenes.

While speaking at the round table for the new season of the series (via CB), Favreau revealed about Grogu:

“He’s someone who’s spent time in both worlds. We know he started at the Jedi Temple earlier. We’ve seen flashbacks that talk about that, and then we know he was saved and spent years with the Mandalorian. He came back. Luke ( Skywalker). Now we’re two years apart from when we’re training there. It’s interesting that he chooses his Mandalorian friend because he’s developed an attachment, which is Luke’s path. It’s interesting how it resonates when it’s drawn to it. The connection it has with its friends and how that helps shape the future.”

While it was great to see Grogu taken away by Luke, it was heartbreaking to see him say goodbye to the guardian he was so attached to. Their bond was unbreakable and it seemed inevitable that they would be reunited. It’s great to hear he’s been through two years of training! I’m sure it will come in handy in their new adventures.

Mandalorian Season 3 will begin streaming March 1 exclusively on Disney+.