Collider is excited to present an exclusive look at ABC’s new unscripted comedy series. Prank panell, which stars Johnny Knoxville, Eric Andreand Gabourey Sidibe. The series will also air a special preview on May 24 — for all you pranksters out there. Prank panel people are given the opportunity to make elaborate jokes to a group of “experts” and they in turn want to help produce them.

Andre previously hosted the show, “Like Shark tankbut with jokes,” and while making the rounds to promote the show, he admitted that he almost quit because of his co-star Knoxville’s prank terror campaign against him. Andre also appeared in the film. last year Jackass is forever, in which he fell victim to Knoxville and a series of his practical jokes Jackass the crew. However, trying to take back Knoxville was a little more difficult for Andre. with the legendary stuntman at this point the pain and suffering is almost unbearable. Andre recently shared interview with Howard Stern:


“When Knoxville wasn’t looking, I took this pistol and hit him right in the heart, right in the middle of his chest. But he’s like a liquid Terminator, the guy’s very impervious to pain, it’s like. pinches a little… He started looking at me when he got an electric shock, then he took it out of my hand, and then he started attacking me with it, and he has another one in his pocket, so he takes it out. another one, and he has mine . He put me on the floor and he’s only lighting me with two traffic lights. And I ran out of the studio for my life. And I walked out, I left the show… So I was done. That weekend, and then he begged me back .”

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Image via ABC

Produced by Prank Panel Matt Silverstein and Dave Jeser, Jimmy Kimmel and Scott Lonker for KIMMELOT, Johnny Knoxville and Eric Andre and Jordana Hochman, Bernie Schaefferand Vin Rubino for ITV America. Prank panel is set to air a special preview airing on Wednesday, May 24. The series will air new episodes in its regular timeslot on ABC beginning Sunday, July 9. The series logline offers the following look at the upcoming comedy series, which promises laughs for the whole family:

The Prank Board allows everyday people to share pranks on family, friends and colleagues with the world’s best pranksters. Johnny Knoxville, Eric Andre and Gabourey Sidibe form an all-star cast of “pranksperts” and take viewers behind the scenes as they help plan and plan elaborate and diabolical schemes. Panelists serve as coaches and saboteurs, with celebrity guests occasionally joining in on the fun.

Check out the exclusive new feature below: