Ruska Rome was an integral part of John Wick’s quest to bring the High Table to justice, and they reappear. John Wick: Chapter 4 Imagine what would happen if John Wick 5 should be done. In John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, Wick turns to the Principal (Anjelica Huston), who happens to be the head of the Ruska Roma family and happens to be Wick’s adoptive mother. She used her influence to help him sneak away to Morocco, but in doing so his ticket was torn up and he was banished from one of the most prominent families in the High Table.


Given how John Wick: Chapter 4 ends, there are so many different stories that could be explored if John Wick is still involved in the franchise. John Wick 4 organizes spin-offs This may seem obvious to fans of the director’s Assassin’s Academy or Winston and The Continental, but they will not be the main part of Wick’s legendary saga of revenge. The film’s Ruska Roma subplot, which ultimately leads to Wick’s victory over the High Table, hints at something most compelling. John Wick 5 plot to date.

The Ruska Roma subplot of John Wick 4 sets up the prequel story of John Wick 5

Despite having his ticket torn, John Wick finds a way to reconnect with the Ruska Roma family by taking Killa (Scott Adkins), the head of a German family who killed one of their members, to make a statement. For his gesture, they allowed him to officially challenge the Marquis Vincent de Gramon to a duel, once again proving that he was a member of their powerful clan. Much has been implied that the killer was raised in the Ruska Roma family by the franchise, and this means that The origin of John Wick Jardani Jovanovic can be researched at a John Wick 5 prequel.

A John Wick The prequel may explore how Ruska trained as an assassin under Roman roads, his history with Katia, and the creation of the Baba Yaga myth. Wick has always been seen as an elite assassin with an arsenal of skills at his disposal, but John Wick 5 a prequel could have revealed how he became the most famous contract killer in the franchise. It may also involve meeting Winston, Charon, Kane, Koji, and his wife Helen and showing him the happy life he has, which is why he wants to get rid of the High Table from the start.

Why John Wick 5 Being A Prequel Makes The Most Sense

John Wick is lighting a candle in Chapter 4

Against all odds, John Wick dies in the end John Wick 4 for he found a way to outwit the Marquis and overpower the High Table by applying his rules against them. This poses a bit of a conundrum for the franchise, as it appears to have lost its biggest star, Keanu Reeves, but it may well keep the John Wick name intact. Focusing on Wick in his youth as a rookie assassin, John Wick 5 Maybe they can pick a young actor who can keep the franchise going for a few more movies.

Given the John Wick: Chapter 4 box office compared to franchising all in all, it makes sense to find a way to keep John Wick alive in some form for as long as possible. Although this is not directly related to Keanu, John Wick 5 can still portray the famous killer in a younger iteration, while also continuing to build the unique world he inhabits. Meanwhile, John Wick’s world-building has become as important to the franchise as the lore of Baba Yaga herself, and that starts with Ruska Roma.