Oliver takes a detailed look at how AI technology is affecting our lives and its disturbing importance.

in the new part of Last Week Tonight with John OliverFinally, it’s time to tackle a topic that has taken over the Internet in the last few months: Artificial Intelligence and, in particular, the text generation platform ChatGPT. The episode explained how this online tool works and what’s interesting and what’s troubling, but not before installation. Pedro Pascal, Dolly Partonand Cocaine bear like featuring raps about national treasures and cats.

The first part of the show focused on why Fox News reporters were upset Julia Roberts East Palestine train missing in Ohio after derailment – they think it’s real Erin Brockovich tragedy and the actor must be there. The show started right after that James O’Keefe. A Republican fired from the organization he built has angered members of the alt-right, and it’s totally understandable: You love the guy who announced his 45-minute resignation after claiming he worked undercover as a pimp. you can’t help it. video, orchestras and stars in their own version Oklahoma!and writes a musical based on his life.


AI is here to take over

O’Keefe took part in the program, which was much longer with the main segment. above, John Oliver He pointed out that we have been using artificial intelligence for some time, but in “harmless” ways, such as frame adjustment on smart TVs and facial recognition that works on your phone. However, the use of artificial intelligence to create text and art on the Internet makes the problem of trusting it even more obvious: there is no “black box” that tells us what conclusions the online tools will reach based on the instructions given to them.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver discussing artificial intelligence
Image via HBO

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AI has messed up a few times before – and we remember it

To illustrate this, Last week tonight recalled some unpleasant events Related to AI This has made news in the past few years, such as when an automated Uber car ran over a person because it didn’t register a jaywalker as a person crossing the street. The show also talked about an AI-powered resume analysis that concluded that men are more qualified for certain jobs, and in one particular case, a guy named Jared, who played lacrosse, was the most qualified.

And that’s not even the worst. As AI is fed content from the Internet to learn patterns, one of the bot’s inevitable ways is to pick up on racist slurs and assume the persona of a conspiracy theorist, as they find countless social media accounts that focus on it. That’s why Microsoft Thai tweets Launched as an AI-focused Twitter account, it was pulled the plug after just 24 hours. On the plus side, AI can also create near perfection Eminem a song about kittens, that’s what we need to focus on.

you can watch the main part of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver below: