For better or for worse, an actor John Boyega forever connected with Star Wars franchise. He starred in the last three chapters of the Skywalker Saga, including The power awakens, The Last Jediand The Rise of Skywalker. While these films weren’t fan favorites, they weren’t highly praised by Boyega himself, but he was a fan of the franchise long before these films, and he continues to be.

in a recent interview with Total movie magazine (via GamesRadar), explained to Boyega that despite his feelings about those last few films, he’s still a “huge, massive” Star Wars fan.

“I was the one fixing things on set,” he laughs. “We have like the flying jet troops in The Rise of Skywalker. Poe said, ‘They’re going to fly now,’ and I thought they saw the flying jet troops in The Clone Wars (animated TV series). I I play games.Battlefield.I have a strong connection with all Star Wars.

He adds his love for the franchise:

“My first interaction with Star Wars was Darth Maul. I’m a ’90s baby, so I came in during the prequels. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew it looked cool and could cut your wrists off.” I knew there were spaceships and lightsabers. Then I went back to the old Star Wars. OK, I’m guilty – I said the effects were stupid when I was young! It’s weird, you go back to the fandom and see yourself in the games.”

He also said that he watches all of the Disney Plus Star Wars shows and “loves” them all. Unfortunately, once he was part of the franchise, he didn’t do well as an actor or as a fan.

Boyega was last seen in the 2022 drama. Female Kingand he is currently working on several projects, including the anticipated sequel, Attack the 2nd block.