HBO’s The Last Of Us Episode 6 and its ending with Joel strayed a bit from the original games, but ultimately improved the series.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Last Of Us Episode 6 and minor spoilers for The Last Of Us.

The end of us Episode 6 Joel’s ending was changed from the original game – and in doing so, the overall story was actually improved. HBO’s video game adaptation has been rightly praised for its careful treatment of the beloved zombie series’ storyline, especially since adaptations have often been criticized for mishandling their respective franchises. they do The end of us However, it stayed true to its source material and even the changes in the games have clear explanations behind them.


This was especially true The end of us Part 6, which adapted a storyline that ends with Joel’s injury and downfall. In the show, this happens after Joel is stabbed – but not particularly after he’s injured. Instead, Joel rides off with Ellie on his horse, and then faints and falls—all of which is a departure from the original source material, albeit for a good reason.

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Joel E’s Transformation in The Last Of Us Episode 6 makes him even more brutal

Joel The Last Of Us Episode 6

In The end of us in the video game, this scene takes place very differently, with Joel instead falling onto a metal armature in battle, sustaining a major injury and passing out shortly after trying to walk away from his injury. The end of us Part 6 Turning this into a more extended sequence drew attention, but as an episode director Jasmila Žbanić mentioned in an interviewthis “was more subtle. Ellie thinks they’ve made it and then it hits. Otherwise, it ends immediately. I really enjoyed what Craig wrote. They travel, he hopes, they go together – and then it hits.” Given the different formats of the show and the video game, it’s also a move that translates better on the show.

In The end of us The quick kill in the game is the smartest move to keep the player in tension because they lose control over playing Joel and therefore instead what happened in the time when they couldn’t save him from the bad path. have to worry about. In The end of us In Episode 6, the viewer still has no control over Joel, and so it’s much more suspenseful to see him running away visibly helpless. It also works effectively to deceive the audience, as Ellie and Joel the escape may have initially suggested to the audience that all would be well, only for Joel to pass out completely instead.

Last Of Us’s Joel ending twist makes Ellie’s introduction more intense

Last Ellie winter episode from us

The end of us Episode 6 leads into a section of the game’s plot where Ellie takes care of an injured Joel, finding him medical supplies and trying to keep their pair alive using the skills they’ve gathered to survive in an apocalyptic world. Much of the game involves the player protecting Ellie and keeping her safe, which turns out to be a particularly exciting part of the series as Ellie instead becomes the duo’s first line of defense. Such, The end of us Part 6 Joel’s final changes set up Ellie’s more intense story.

This is because the play makes it clear to the audience and to Ellie that Joel’s problem, at least in part, is only the physical effects of falling directly onto a piece of rebar. The end of us Episode 6 makes things clearer and therefore more problematic. It’s clear that Joel passed out from the stabbing, but the fact that he didn’t pass out immediately suggests that other factors may be involved, such as blood loss over time. This leaves Ellie unsure of what medical supplies Joel will need and even more desperate to cure him.

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