Joe Root praised Ben Stokes for a “bright” and “bold” statement against New Zeland The decision opened the door for England’s bowlers in Wellington.

Stokes is increasingly using the tactic as a creative weapon that allows him to manipulate the flow of the game and force opposing teams to dance to his own tune.

just like he did Rawalpindi In December and last week at Mount Maunganui, it brought an early end to the season. England batting hits and once again his instincts proved right.

Root was at 153 and took a nice hit when Stokes swung him by an eighth at 435, leaving a grueling 35-minute inning period that the hosts would otherwise have escaped.

James Anderson pulled out Devon Conway and Kane Williamson in this bonus window before lunch, followed by Will Young, and seeded New Zealand’s overwhelming response of 138 at seven.

Root, who spent more than five years taking responsibility for these decisions as captain, was lauded for his successor’s ability to influence the game.

“I think it was a great call from Ben. It would have been so easy for us to move on and if we had moved on we might not be sitting here with them right now. Thank you to him, he got into the role so naturally, he runs the game really well and everyone responds to it. .

“It just seemed like a very bold and aggressive option. As you’d expect, full credit to Ben for taking it on. The decisions he makes under pressure and the way he manages the team and his players are as good as I’ve seen.”

Stokes had previously hit with exactly the same offensive intent, albeit with less success. He made his way to a risky 27 in a run-a-ball before being caught swinging hard at Neil Wagner.

This underlined the idea that as he set the course for his team, he underlined his own ability with the bat to make a statement.

But Root, who has been in low form at different times during his long tenure, has no worries about that.

“I think he’s done a great job of getting the most out of himself as a leader. No doubt their own performances will come too,” said Root.

“He’s a huge game player and we’re going to face a situation where he’s going to get up and do what’s necessary. It’s a matter of time in my eyes. All in all, I think his contributions as a leader are more important right now because he’s making the most of the other 10 players and that’s his own. It’s huge for this team.

“There were times when I was overfocused on everyone else, and there were times when I was probably overfocused on myself. I think it just happens because of time and the experience of understanding how you manage both.”

New Zealand’s batting coach Luke Ronchi was pissed off at the idea that his players were absorbed by England’s offensive scoring approach after Tom Latham and Daryl Mitchell both fell into reverse sweeps.

When asked if they had ‘Bazball’ on their minds, he replied, “I wouldn’t think so. We know Baz and we know it’s a buzzword. But from a cricketer’s point of view, I don’t think a lot of people are paying too much attention to it.”

New Zealand will continue with three rooks and 98 more laps are needed to take the possibility of a follow-up off the table.