Warning, Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Episode 18 spoilers below.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 19, episode 18 saw Joe hook up and flirt with Sam, a patient who expressed his desire to date her, but if they ended up together, it would continue the saddest storylines. The Grey’s Anatomy In the promo video for the two-hour season 19 finale, Link and Joe argue about a potential romance between him and Sam. Grey’s Anatomy Link has been hinted at for some time as Joe’s new love interest and even the endgame, and Sam may throw a wrench into that plan while Joe continues the sad story.


The Grey’s Anatomy In the season 19 finale, Maggie and Meredith return at the Kathryn Fox Awards, but it looks to be a big episode for Joe as well. Season 19 Joe decided to become an OB/GYN resident, wearing Grey’s Anatomy black scrubs protesting for women’s reproductive rights and helping Bailey with a new reproductive health clinic. Although she knew her daughter was slowly losing her hearing, it had been a relatively good season for Jo, who had had very little over the years. However, Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 finale and relationship with Sam may take a turn for the worse.

Grey’s Anatomy patient-doctor relationships never end well

Izzie cuts Danny's L-VAD cord on Grey's Anatomy

Sam and Joe prove they have chemistry Grey’s Anatomy Season 19, Episode 18 The show’s history also proved that patient-doctor romances never end well. All four had major doctor-patient romances grey’s anatomy, three ended in death and the other in a heart attack. The first major patient-doctor romance Grey’s Anatomy It was Danny and Izzythis ended in tragedy at the end of season 2, when Danny died of a stroke at the hospital prom.

Teddy and Stephanie also fall in love with patients Henry and Kyle respectively, only for them to die as well. When Alex fell for Jane Doe in season 3 after the ferry crash, it turned into a tragic relationship that ended in a hysterical pregnancy and Ava/Rebecca was taken into psychiatric custody. Although Sam’s condition is relatively stable compared to the aforementioned patients, Grey’s Anatomy There was also a character who died of hiccups. whether sam dies or not Grey’s Anatomy History shows that it is impossible for her and Joe to have a successful and happy relationship.

Joe has had enough heartache on Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy image of Joe reading a letter and Alex smiling in suit

The character of Joe is introduced for the first time inside Grey’s Anatomy In season 9 and throughout his history and last 10 seasons, his character has been challenged. He was abandoned at a fire station as a baby, grew up in foster care and lived in his car as a teenager. Her first marriage was abusive, leading her to run away and change her name. His second marriage ended Grey’s Anatomy When season 16 Alex betrayed Joe for Izzie and their secret children upon his exit from the show. In addition, he suffered from depression, which forced him to seek inpatient psychiatric care.

In Grey’s Anatomy season 19, Joe finally seems to be in a good place, and if he starts a relationship with Sam, only for this tragic end, It would only add trauma to his character. Whether or not Link is meant to be her endgame is yet to be seen, but it’s time for Joe to have a relationship that doesn’t end in heartbreak and tragedy. A patient-doctor romance was a big part of it Grey’s Anatomy in the past and Sam and Joe have the unfortunate opportunity to continue this sad story.