Joaquin Phoenix‘s next film will be a gay love story and will apparently be rated NC-17. With performances Gladiator, Walk the line, Masterand Joker, Phoenix emerged as one of the most talented and recognizable actors of his generation. since winning an Academy Award for his performance in Jokerhe has acted in Hindi films Come on, come on and Beautiful is afraid and recently wrapped filming on a Joker called the sequel Joker: Folie à Deux.


At the Cannes Film Festival, where his new film May December premiere director Todd Haynes revealed that he is working on the project with Phoenix. in an interview with IndieWirethe director says that the new film is based on an original screenplay he developed together with the Oscar winner.A gay love story set in 1930s LA.” Haynes also said that Phoenix pushed the film to be rated NC-17. Read what Haynes shared below:

The next film is an original script that I developed with Joaquin Phoenix based on some of the thoughts and ideas that he brought to me. We wrote with him mainly as a story writer. Me, John Raymond and Joaquin share this story. And we hope to shoot it early next year. It’s a gay love story set in the 1930s when LA Joaquin pushed me away and said, “No, let’s move on.” It will be an NC-17 movie.

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May DecemberDirected by Haynes and stars Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore, the film premiered to rave reviews at Cannes and was quickly acquired by Netflix. The director is currently working on another romantic drama with another popular star. With Phoenix Haynes and his frequent collaborator Jonathan Raymond, NC-17 seems to have played a key role in creating a gay love story. Those familiar with the director’s filmography know that he is no stranger to romantic period dramas or LGBTQ+ films. Carol, Far from heaven, Poisonand Velvet is a gold mine.

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A team-up between an author and an actor is like a match made in heaven. Haynes was willing to push his upcoming film Phoenix as far as he wanted in terms of portraying an adult theme, which would have resulted in an NC-17 rating. Given the Oscar-winning actor’s reputation for total commitment to his roles, his performance should not disappoint either. As the director hopes to shoot the film early next year, it will Joaquin Phoenix‘s next project, although his dance card is already filled with Ridley Scott Napoleon and a Second collaboration with Ari Aster.

Source: IndieWire