EXCLUSIVE: Jim Gaffigan shares the fast-paced process behind one of his favorite Super Trooper scenes and his appreciation for the franchise and creators.

When talking to Screen Rat about his upcoming sci-fi drama comedy film Linoleumcomedian and actor Jim Gaffigan revealed the difficulty, or lack thereof, behind his iconic image in the 2001 comedy. Super Troopers. Considered one of the highlights of the classic comedy film, Gaffigan’s cameo was popular enough to warrant his return in 2018. Super troops 2. After all, the scene in which Gaffigan appears is undoubtedly the most enduring moment from the first minute. Super Troopersand has been following the actor to this day.

The scene in question, of course Super TroopersA “cat game” where officers pull someone over and see how many times they can sneak the word “meow” into their procedural routines. Although surprisingly harmless to A R rated comedy such as Super Troopers, The Cat Game is suitable for anyone who is fed up or sick of work, so it may have stood the test of time. An inside joke between officers Super Troopers Gaffigan’s performance as Larry Johnson delivers so well, it’s hard not to laugh along with him. As impressive as the scene’s longevity is, it’s also remarkable that it only took two hours to film. Here’s what Jim Gaffigan had to say about Larry Johnson’s rumored return Super troops 3 (Spoiler: he doesn’t know):

It’s funny because of the life of Jay (Chandrasekhar) and those Broken Lizard guys and my relationship with them (which was very long). Way back, it was the 90s and I was doing commercials. We are old people now, but back then ads had a decent life. It’s different now. They’re a bunch of dopey-looking white guys, and I’m a white guy, and we’d fight for these roles. It was one of those things where I was friendly with them, but I worked on that movie for literally two hours and people still meow at me.

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How could Jim Gaffigan fit into Super Troopers 3?


A proper comedy sequel rarer and trilogies even more so, but a Super troops 3 In the works, there’s the question of whether Jim Gaffigan will reprise his role as Larry Johnson in the Cat Game sequel. Gaffigan himself doesn’t seem to know the answer, especially given the level of Marvel-style secrecy that seems unlikely. Super troops 3 avoids hinting at his involvement. Gaffigan said something else that he mentioned at the time Screen Rat interview may hint at a possible Larry Johnson return:

I am very happy for them and (for) the success surrounding this and their other projects. I’ve done cameras on some of their other work. They’re a really fun group and it’s fun to see the comedy community play out like that.

“Comedy Community” is a beautiful sentiment that speaks to the intimate nature of Jay Chandrasekhar and the Broken Lizard comedy troupe, who have produced several films. funny comedy movies together and shows no signs of stopping. Given the band’s penchant for continuing to include their friends in their projects, it seems Super troops 3 includes Gaffigan if possible. We hope more news will come soon.

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Linoleum It will be released in select theaters on February 24.