Sula stars as Juliana Harkavy’s Jessica Lauren in the 2014 cult classic.

Horror fans rejoice, Welcome Villain Films has released a new trailer KnownA dark and twisted reimagining of the 2014 cult favorite horror film, The Last Shift. Known It will hit theaters on March 31, 2023.

A new trailer gives us our first look at the upcoming reboot. It begins with a look at the signature image of the original: empty corridors, the sound of singing and a lone officer sitting at his desk. Cult images flash on the screen. New to her shift, Jessica puts a jump drive on her laptop and films herself sitting at the desk where she works, playing amazing footage. A bag is placed over his head, he screams, and he is thrust into a trailer where we deepen the film’s central tension. Regardless of your familiarity with the original film, the new trailer offers a tantalizing new look at the expanding story.


Known Gives a new twist to the 2014 film The Last Shift, expanding on the original film’s central concept. After the initial publication, The Last Shift became a hit with horror fans and critics alike. The film has found an audience on streaming platforms, which has been a boon for many horror films, giving independent films a wide audience. The 2014 film follows a rookie officer on his first assignment as he watches over a police station that is about to close. However, he is expecting more than he bargained for.

Known Jessica Sula
Image via Welcome Villain


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“Known” expands “Data of last shift”.

Known following a reworked version of the same story but serving as a reboot of the film through an expanded lens. Known follows Jessica Lauren, a role-playing vulture officer Jessica Sula, was assigned to look after the decommissioned police station on the station’s last shift. The dark history of the station affects the location, but many years ago it served as the site of the death of a local cult. During her shift, Jessica finds herself at the center of many spooky and paranormal events. Not only that, but she soon discovers her shocking connection to a fallen and demented cult leader. Known takes the original film and turns it on its head, taking the horror elements to a whole new level and giving us a closer look at the cult at the heart of the creepy family.

Known managed by Anthony DiBlasi who also led The Last Shift. The film was co-written with DiBlasi Scott Poileythe same creative team behind the original film. Known It will hit theaters on March 31, 2023. You can watch the new trailer below.