Jennifer Lawrence The new red band trailer for Sony is nothing short of good No hard feelings. Returning to his genre best (if you ask us), Lawrence steals the spotlight in his sophomore comedy. Good guys writer and director, Gene Stupnitsky. The marketing team has been through it all and given us a lot images and previously released red band trailer.

Share it an undeniable talent for wit, sarcasm and physical comedytrailer introduces Lawrence takes us behind the bar at Maddie’s waterfront restaurant business. With a vibe that any of us who have worked in the service industry can absolutely feel, Maddie treats a customer who arrives at 11:57 and demands to be served before the drinks run out at 12. Interaction between angry people. a customer and a humble bartender set the tone for the film as Maddie tries job after job but consistently ends up screwing up. Maddy, an Uber driver without a car, is willing to do almost anything to get paid for a car. When a concerned couple posts an ad for an experienced woman to “prepare” their son for college, Maddie answers the call and takes her bold and sassy attitude to extremes to help the introverted young man. . Throughout the trailer, there’s plenty of brutality and awkward moments as Maddy scrapes her way out of the lowest point in her life.


Along with Lawrence No hard feelings surrounded by A-list actors this too includes Andrew Bart Feldman, Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), Natalie Morales (Middle man), Tony Award winner Laura Benanti, Scott MacArthur (Mick), Ebon Moss-Bachrach (Bear), Kyle Mooney (Saturday Night Live), and Hasan Minhaj (Patriotic movement with Hasan Minhaj).

no hard feelings-jennifer-lawrence-andrew-feldman-social-feature
Image via Sony

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Who is behind No hard feelings?

Stupnitsky wrote the screenplay along with helming Dirty grandfather the writer John Phillips. Underwriting and credit management Good guysthe first one worked too Harold Ramis– directed flick First year in this line; at the same time From Jake Kasdanof A bad teacher. Upping the ante and adding his name as a producer, Lawrence showcases his Excellent Cadaver banner. Alex Sachs, Mark Provisciero, Justine Ciarrocchiand Naomi Odenkirk complete the production team with Phillips and Kerry Orent participating as an executive producer.

Check out and watch Red Squad’s latest trailer for Lawrence’s next sensational comedy below No hard feelings when It hits theaters on June 23.