Before release Scream 6Jenna Ortega gave her opinion on who would win in a fight between Ghostface and wednesday Addams. Ortega now finds himself as a major star in two popular franchises that will appear in the world. Scream Tara and also starred in the Netflix movie wednesday As the titular member of the Addams Family. While Season 2 of the Netflix show doesn’t yet have a release date, Ortega is set to play a key role in the fight against the new Ghostface killer when the movie hits theaters this week.


With Scream 6 release date Now recently, Ortega reveals in a new interview Comic he’s confident he knows who would win in a fight between Ghostface and Wednesday. According to the star, this is one of the battles that will be won on Wednesday. Check out Ortega’s commentary on the outcome of the mock fight below:

“I think he’ll get it first.”

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Scream’s 6’s Ghostface will be a tough match for Wednesday

6 Shoot Ghostface with a shotgun

Ortega’s response is, in some ways, quite surprising. Although Wednesday has enhanced psychic abilities, Ghostface has a very high kill count in all of his incarnations. Additionally, directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett have already teased this new Ghostface. Scream 6 the villain is different from how he was portrayed in past films.

The directors revealed this news Ghostface is much more brutal and is more happy to kill than audiences are used to from past entries in the franchise. Ortega himself called the villain “The most violent and aggressive version of Ghostface we’ve ever seen.” Since this new killer is much more sinister than previous versions (he doesn’t want to use a gun, as shown in the movie trailer), Ortega’s response shows how powerful Wednesday is.

wednesday In Season 1, Ortega’s character learns how to control her psychic abilities, and in Season 2, these abilities may grow and become even more powerful. Although Ghostface has no psychic abilities, he sometimes exhibits superhuman strength, speed, and endurance in the films. He can be sure of the outcome of the fight between Ortega Scream 6Ghostface and wednesdaybut any potential clash between the two signs seems like a clash.


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