“Maybe we’ll have to pick a side.”

Jasmine Savoy Brown and Hayden Panettiere
Image via Paramount

Hayden PanettiereKirby Reed was a major scene stealer and fan favorite Scream 4. When it is revealed that the character is still alive after Charlie Walker is stabbed in the arm (Rory Culkin) and it eventually reappears in the body Scream VI, I was happy. But the one thing I was looking forward to most about Kirby’s return? Seeing her interact with Randy (Jamie Kennedy) nephew and expert on the franchise’s newest horror films, Jasmine Savoy BrownMindy Meeks-Martin.

after the events Scream 2022, “Core Four” prefers to move to New York City. Mindy, Chad (Mason Gooding) and Tara (Jenna Ortega) go to the Big Apple to go to college and Sam (Melissa Barrera) joins in keeping a close eye on her sister and friends. When a new Ghostface emerges and threatens their safety once again, FBI agent Kirby Reed, a former Woodsboro resident and Ghostface survivor, rushes to help.

Image via Paramount

With Scream VI I had the chance to chat with Brown and Gooding when it hits theaters across the country on Friday, March 10th. Here’s what Brown had to say about Mindy’s interactions with Kirby:

“I’m referring to the Twitter threads that happened after the announcement of Hayden’s inclusion in this movie. No one will be offended. The Mindy/Kirby interaction will make you very happy and maybe you should pick a side. .

Gooding jumped up and confirmed, “It’s true. the humor was spot on.”

The Kirby/Mindy conflict highlights one of them Scream VImany wonderful qualities of; We are working with a few players who know the rules of the game, but that is not enough anymore. As with the horror genre in general, the rules of survival in one of these situations continue to evolve. Sure, there are some classic horror staples, but this Ghostface aims to subvert expectations.

Will their combined know-how be enough to identify the killer? Find out when Scream VI In theaters March 10!