Director JJ Perry said Jamie Foxx was stunned during one of the stunts Daily Shift. The horror comedy was released on Netflix in 2022 and is about Bud Jablonski (Foxx), a pool cleaner who uses his ordinary job to hunt vampires in the San Fernando Valley. The relative success of the debut, Daily Shift managed to reach the top spot on the platform despite mixed reactions from critics. In addition to Foxx, Dave Franco, Natasha Lue Bordisso, Meagan Good, Carla Souza and Snoop Dogg played roles in the film.


Recently Corridor crew video, Perry explains how one of the most memorable sequence of actions Daily Shift came along and why Foxx was shocked by a certain stunt. He said that while creating the film’s opening scene, which features a fight between Jablonski and an elderly vampire, Fox was struck by how the contortionist’s body bent. Read Perry’s review of one Daily Shiftfollowing important stunts:

This contortionist named Jordan, this girl was amazing, a real soldier, this was her first movie. Here comes Motorola, we call it Motorola, like when you close Motorola. It’s an upright Motorola, an upside down Motorola, you should have seen the look on Jamie’s face the day he folded it, he was like, “Wow!” (Laughs) I said, “No, it’s all right!” I said. We’ve done all of these reactions in the reverse direction, so we start them in the second state, then we move them back to the first state.

What makes Day Shift stunts memorable?

Vampire Granny whispers in Day Shift

Many of the film’s action sequences are visually memorable thanks to the knowledge its director brings on board. Perry, who has experience working as a stunt coordinator on projects John Wick: Chapter 2 and F9shared this earlier Daily Shift used contortionists playing vampires and limiting the amount of special effects needed. Adding to the comments about the reverse shooting, he noted how much time was spent on each trick and found that most of the vampire fights were actually shot.

opening sequence of Daily Shift establishes the type of gory action that audiences can expect throughout the film. Another memorable scene: Jablonski, Seth (Franco), Mike (Steve Howie) and Diran (Scott Adkins) break into a house full of vampires, which culminates in some creative killing and decapitation. It also includes more examples of the use of contortionists when a vampire emerges from an air vent and attacks Seth.

The stunt works Daily Shift It is distinguished not only by the skills of contortionists, but also by its choreography. It will be interesting to see what Perry does next as a director, and how he might top the film’s opening fight scene. Foxx has already discussed the possibility a Daily Shift continuationsurprise vampire attacks may be on the way.

Source: Corridor crew/YouTube