James Gunn’s five favorite comic book movies have been announced, and his list is being overlooked Marvel Cinematic Universe including two surprising choices. Gunn has extensive experience in comic book film, having directed and helmed the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy for Marvel Studios. Suicide Squad for DC. Gunn is also the person responsible for the creative side of the new DC Universe, with a 10-year plan in motion. Considering his experience, Gunn’s list of favorite comics is somewhat surprising.


talk to GQGunn revealed his top five favorite comic book movies Deadpool, A big boy, A history of violence, Superman (1978), and Spider-Man: In the Spider-Verse, from least to most favorite. Gunn doesn’t have an MCU movie on his list, but there are two Marvel movies Ryan Reynolds Deadpool 3 now bringing that franchise into the MCU. The director said so Iron man and Spider-Man: Homecoming almost made the list, showing what his favorite MCU movies could be. Although the inclusion of Superman makes sense Superman: Legacydirector of, to include lesser-known ones A big boy and A history of violence It speaks volumes for Gunn’s sensitivity as a director.

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What James Gunn’s Favorite Comic Book Movies Reveal About His Movies

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Gunn is a creator who manages to balance comedy, drama and action in his comic book films to a high standard. The director is also known for often eschewing what is conventional for the medium, always trying to be inventive and create new creative sets for his films. the introduction of A big boy and A history of violence makes sense in the director’s top five comic book movies, as both movies made very inventive use of the action scenes that Gunn strives to do.

A big boyGunn’s foundational act inspired, with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 hallway fighting like a Korean movie and David Cronenberg’s inventive use of camera to tell the story. A history of violence‘s move stayed with Gunn. The two films also escape the superhero bubble, showing Gunn’s versatility to his advantage. On the Marvel side of the list, DeadpoolSince Gunn’s superhero work focuses on the same inventive comedy/action effects as Reynolds’ film, his inclusion makes sense. Spider-Man: In the Spider-Verse At the top of Gunn’s list, this film is the closest thing to a living, breathing comic book existence.

Spider verse‘s humor, action, tight script, and innovative art inspired Gunn to choose the film as his favorite comic book film, the director’s films are like live action that makes an animated film work. Gunn’s beloved comic book movies wouldn’t be complete without Richard Donner’s original Superman. The movie convinced an entire generation that humans could fly, with Superman, who was kind and human in nature despite being an alien. Now it’s Gunn Marvel Cinematic Universe job done, director Superman: Legacy It should bring back what made Donner’s film so special that it inspired a new generation.

Source: GQ

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