James Gunn refuses Superman: Legacy sheds some light on the rumored process and what’s going on with the DC Universe reboot. Man of Steel is being reimagined for the big screen again. Despite his return Black Man, Henry Cavill’s time as Superman is over. Instead, Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Studios are preparing a new one Superman restart. Gunn as writer, Superman: Legacy It will be released in cinemas in the summer of 2025. According to in-universe writer Tom King, Gunn is also directing it. However, Gunn and DC Studios have yet to clarify this notion. The legacy of Superman will be the film that truly kicks off the new DC universe.


The focus is on the Superman reboot a younger Clark Kent and does not serve as an origin story. It is estimated that Superman: Legacy Explores a DC hero at the beginning of his journey as a superhero.

According to recent rumors, casting calls have gone out for Clark and Lois Lane Superman: Legacy. But it did not last long Gunn to put the rumors to rest as he clarified that they still haven’t even hired a casting director. Casting has not yet been revealed Superman: Legacy should actually start.

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Flash movie will be an important component of the new DC Universe when it hits theaters this summer. Based on Barry Allen, the story officially reboots the DC universe and clears the way for new versions of Superman, Batman and many other heroes. There will be several DCEU players that will cross over into the new DC Universe through TV and film. This includes the cast Peacemaker and Amanda Waller by Viola Davisas he hosts his HBO Max show, Waller.

In the DC universe of Gunn and Peter Safran, they will not only have TV and movies, but also animated projects and video games. out of WallerHBO Max is currently in development Lights, Booster goldalso a A wonderful woman prequel series, Paradise Lost. They also have animation Animal commandos appears in his works. Whoever entered Animal commandos also reprises roles in live-action features. The same goes for other animated properties set in the DC Universe.

out of Superman: Legacy and the remaining four announced films, which are not even half Chapter 1, “Gods and Beasts.” At this point, whoever will be playing the new Superman will be much later in the year. Once the script is complete, the casting process can begin Superman restart. I hope that will provide some information as to who is being addressed Superman: Legacy by summer at the latest.

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