Jake Paul promised to enact the rematch clause with tommy anger after losing a split decision in the long-anticipated fight Saudi Arabia.

Anger kept the match on the sidelines At Riyadh’s Diriyah Arena, after eight hard-fought rounds, after winning two out of three judges. Both men scored in the middle rounds, and Paul even managed to score a knockout in the eighth round, but Fury did enough to earn points.

The fight came after two and a half years of two delays and lots of nonsense, and Fury later got emotional as he celebrated his victory.

“Everybody thought I was scared,” he said, referring to times when he had to rearrange the fight. “Tonight I created my own legacy: I’m Tommy Fury. I want to dedicate this fight to Bambi, my new baby in the house, and Miss I love you.

YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul questioned the result and urged Fury to “run again”.

“With all due respect to Tommy, he won,” the American said. “Don’t judge me by my gains, judge me by my losses.

“I don’t know if I joined the jurors – I took 10-8 rounds twice. But in life I already won. I’ve done a lot more than I thought I’d do and went beyond. It is an absolutely humble experience.”

Adding that he was sick and injured his arm during the training camp, Paul said, “I’m not making excuses, I lost.”

Given the financial situation involved, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the couple back in the ring.

Paul’s fight wallet was about $3.2 million, but he also took home 65 percent of his pay-per-view money, bringing the total prize money, including sponsorships, to $8.6 million. Fury reportedly received a $2 million bag and 35 percent of the PPV share, with a total take-home fee of about $4.5 million.

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