England boards train ahead of France’s Six Nations visit

Follow live updates by: Italy homeowner Wales inside Six Nations Collide to avoid the wooden spoon.

print on Warren GatlandHe’s next to Stadio Olympico, at the bottom of the Six Nations chart, as he faces the danger of finishing last in the tournament for the first time in 20 years. Italy has been entrusted with wooden spoons in each of the last seven seasons, but hopes to quell the sadness in Rome.

Italy showed flashes of its exciting development throughout the Six Nations, pushing the defending champions France in the opening weekend and causing some trouble in Ireland for the last time. A single point loss to the Azzurri, but that’s still more than Wales after their upsetting defeats to Ireland, England and Scotland.

A defeat in Rome today would leave the loser staring at the wooden spoon and a campaign without a win. Follow below for live updates between Italy and Wales in the Six Nations.


Italy 10-29 Wales, 53 minutes

Josh Adams heads for Wales with Louis Rees-Zammit to fight on the wing. He brought Manuel Zuliani in the back row and Luca Bigi at the prostitute.

Rees-Zammit is soon on the ball, spinning around to get a backflip and make room on the outside arc. Liam Williams adds his connecting hands to the line, but throws his pass at Rio Dyer a yard or two ahead of the wing. He’s making contact.

Harry Latham-Coyle11 March 2023 15:40


TO TRY! Italy 10-29 WALES (Taulupe Faletau trial, 50 minutes)

This is a Welsh classic – the offensive half spies a slightly loose defensive line-up on the sides of a sprint, puppeting and dashing to speed through a hole.

Taulupe Faletau provides excellent support and Webb takes the score pass as he pulls the last defender. Wales has one bonus point. Owen Williams overturns transformation to further expand his advantages.

Harry Latham-Coyle11 March 2023 15:36


Italy 10-22 Wales, 49 minutes

Daffyd Jenkins is lifted high to take Owens’ shot. Italy’s knuckle defense is strong, strong enough to force Wales to try something different – but things get a little messy in the visiting midfield, causing Joe Hawkins to make a mistake.

Italy gratefully took a kick out of the danger zone halfway through.

Harry Latham-Coyle11 March 2023 15:35


Italy 10-22 Wales, 48 ​​minutes

Wales soon occupied the right corner, but a penalty was awarded after they discovered more open spaces on the right. Ken Owens was tasked with a line shot about seven yards from the Italian line.

Harry Latham-Coyle11 March 2023 15:34


Italy 10-22 Wales, 47 minutes

On hold! Great challenge from Stephen Varney!

Wales are attacking blindly to take advantage of Italy’s lack of points, instantly finding gaps on Bruno’s flank. Josh Adams looks confident to score as he sprints towards the corner, but Varney locks his arms around the wing to keep the ball from rubbing against the ground. Stack up the attacking half’s teammates to ensure their great work is rewarded – the goal line drops.

Harry Latham-Coyle11 March 2023 15:32


YELLOW CARD! Pierre Bruno was sent to the sin box! Italy 10-22 Wales, 46 minutes

This is yellow. Minutes after being brought back to 15 players, Italy lost their left flank – Pierre Bruno’s non-ball-bearing forearm made quite significant contact with Wyn Jones’ chin.

Gareth Thomas replaces Jones.

Harry Latham-Coyle11 March 2023 15:31


TMO control…

The arm is slightly away from Bruno’s body, which will not count in his favor. This is borderline – the kind of contact that might go unnoticed, but probably illegal in law…

Harry Latham-Coyle11 March 2023 15:30


Italy 10-22 Wales, 45 minutes

Wyn Jones hits the deck – he received a blow to the chin from Pierre Bruno’s pusher arm. Wing suggests it’s just a divestiture – TMO Joy Neville may disagree as she calls out to referee Damon Murphy, requesting a review of the footage.

Harry Latham-Coyle11 March 2023 15:28


Italy 10-22 Wales, 44 minutes

Italy is perhaps coming to life with how Wales collapsed from a similar position of power against Australia in the fall. They go deep to create a soft edge on the left, hands work beautifully. Tommaso Allan connects with Stephen Varney after walking about 30 metres, but Varney’s pass to the touchline is far from Pierre Bruno’s gripping hands.

Harry Latham-Coyle11 March 2023 15:27


TO TRY! ITALY 10-22 Wales (Sebastian Negri trial, 43 minutes)

A much needed Italian score to start the second half!

Better than the hosts, they all sparked that amazing Menoncello break. It’s then, a moment of invention to break Wales, Tommaso Allan deftly kicks the hill as he takes a clatter, Sebastian Negri tries hard to make the most of a proper jump and is on his way.

Allan dusts himself off and converts.

Harry Latham-Coyle11 March 2023 15:25