Ben Davies He’s ready to embrace the “fun” of being a fullback if he needs to play again at Tottenham during a busy period.

Davies has largely been used as a left-wing defender of the back three-pointers since the arrival of Antonio Conte 18 months ago, but took the part out of position in Sunday’s 2-0 win. West Ham and install Emerson Royal’s opener.

hamstring injury ryan sessegnon vehicle Ivan Perisic The Spurs’ only left-back option and Davies, who was originally a full-back when signed in 2014, was used impressively there in a vital victory that put them back in fourth place.

Tottenham host Chelsea on Sunday in the first of five games in three competitions over a two-week period, and their international role in Wales may continue.

“I played there endgame a few times under Conte, but I didn’t start under him,” Davies said.

“But it’s something I’ve learned the details of in our regular training with Conte, so it’s not something I’m worried about doing.” It was pleasant.

“When you are in this position, you have to be defensive but also try to engage in attacks. It was something I was happy to do for the team, it was fun.”

The Spurs’ inconsistent form this season has been highlighted at best in the past two weeks as they beat champions Manchester City and previously suffered a 4-1 loss at Leicester. Milan They took the lead in the Champions League round of 16, winning the first leg 1-0 on Tuesday.

Conte was criticized for being too attached to the 3-4-3 formation, but the excellent response came when the two wingbacks combined against West Ham.

Davies acknowledged that some insider facts were released following back-to-back losses, adding: “I think we definitely needed to be (more honest), especially after last weekend.

“Once you have a result like we got against Leicester, it’s hard to go back and the best thing to do is to put things in the open and defuse the situation.

“That’s what we did a few days after the game and I think you saw a united team (against West Ham), everybody agreed, everybody was working hard and trying to get three points.”

The Spurs proclaimed victory without Conte, who was recovering quickly from gallbladder surgery on Feb. 1, who was ordered to rest by doctors on Wednesday.

It’s not easy when your manager isn’t here, but Cristian (Stellini) and the manager really got into our heads that if Cristian speaks, it’s the manager’s voice too.

Ben Davies in the absence of Antonio Conte

He was still in regular contact with assistant Cristian Stellini and first-team coach Ryan Mason during the match and spoke to the players on Saturday night, but the team’s “leaders” were asked to step up.

“That’s what Cristian really wanted from us, experienced kids need to do their bit,” Davies said.

“It’s not easy when your manager isn’t here, but Cristian and the manager really got into our heads that if Cristian speaks, it’s the manager’s voice as well.

“That’s why we work hard, we gave our all and we’re both very happy with the result.”