It seems unclear if Chris Hemsworth will play Thor again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thor 5 or elsewhere. As the MCU continues with the Multiverse Saga, the franchise is focusing heavily on its next generation of Avengers. While Steve Rogers and Tony Stark have ended their time in the MCU, making way for heroes to replace them, Thor is one of the few original Avengers still left. Hemsworth recently starred in Phase 4 Thor: Love and Thunderat the end there was a text screen saying that Thor returns.


However, the Australian actor’s future with the MCU could be getting a serious upgrade. in an interview with Total Movie MagazineHemsworth talked about his experience working on it Extraction 2 and how he tackled the toughest stunts of his career. Hemsworth talked about the new stunts he has to perform in this film, and if he were to do it again, Hemsworth said how he would like to join the Marvel defense.

It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I am not exaggerating. At the end of the reception, you will be breathing like never before, and everyone will be on their knees. But it is very useful. I would love to take this style and incorporate it into a Marvel movie if I ever make another one.

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Marvel Has Already Teased Thor’s MCU Return – When Will It Happen?The Dark World starring Chris Hemsworth as Thor

While Hemsworth wouldn’t say whether or not he’s playing Thor, he wouldn’t confirm a return, leaving it only as a potential possibility. That raises some questions about when he might return. Thor: Love and Thunder The Asgardian Avenger was a box office success despite mediocre reviews, leaving the door open for a return. The Thor: Love and Thunder post credit scene also established the idea Thor 5 About the war with Hercules.

Hemsworth’s comments may indicate that there is currently no deal between the actor and Marvel Studios. Although Hemsworth starred in the fourth Thor In the movie, he may not get a bigger deal, as Marvel has moved away from the big six- and nine-picture deals of the studio’s early days. It’s also worth considering that Hemsworth may be taking on fewer projects after it was discovered that he’s more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease, leaving Thor’s future up in the air for obvious health reasons.

At this point, than a star Thor 5Hemsworth may end his time with the MCU in the near future The Avengers 6th grade movies. That said, it’s speculation until Marvel Studios or Hemsworth reveals something else. Hopefully, one way or another, Hemsworth will be able to wrap up his time as Thor in some capacity, even if he doesn’t. Thor 5.

Source: Total Movie Magazine

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