Counter-Strike 2 will be announced and reportedly enter beta this month, according to a prominent esports journalist.

This is according to Richard Lewisa journalist with a long history of breaking Counter-Strike-related stories, including the 2015 match-fixing scandal.

According to Lewis, speaking to sources on condition of anonymity, “a new version of Counter-Strike (is) on the way that has been in the works for some time.”

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He said: “The new version will almost certainly be released under the working title of Counter-Strike 2, with an estimated beta release date of March this month and April 1st beyond.”

According to Lewes’ sources, the game is “almost ready to launch” and has already undergone limited testing, which reportedly took place on Valveheadquartered in Seattle.

The substantiation of Lewis’s claims is new NVIDIA drivers that introduced support for two new, unknown programs, csgos2.exe and cs2.exe. These are reportedly related to Counter-Strike 2 and were implemented by NVIDIA before the beta launch.

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Lewis’ report goes on to say that work on Counter-Strike 2 apparently contributed to the relative lack of work on CS:GO’s issues.

“The top priority is to get it out there and then refine it, fix any bugs, and get it up to the standard people expect from CS,” according to sources at Lewes.

The game will reportedly run on the Source 2 engine, unsurprisingly. Sources also told Lewis that the game will feature servers that will run at “128 ticks,” matching the rival title. Valorant.”

Valve has yet to comment on the project. Counter-Stike GO remains the most popular game on Valve’s Steam platform, regularly attracting over 1.3 million players per day.