The stakes are raised for Jace (Isaiah Hill) and Swagger team in their senior year. Season 2 Apple TV+ popular basketball drama based on experiences NBA star Kevin Durant After last season ended on such a high note for Jace and his teammates, we’ve got a new trailer showing that everything is in danger of falling apart. As they transfer to a predominantly white prep school to help the basketball program, their every move is constantly under the microscope as the school strives to maintain its reputation. The trailer also revealed that the series will officially return to court on June 23rd.

According to the synopsis, Season 2 will see everyone except Phil (Solomon Irama) attend Cedar Cove Prep for their senior year. The school is controlled by wealthy board members who control and scrutinize every decision on how the institution is run, including student enrollment. Athletic Director Jace bought Nick and overhauled the entire basketball program.Jason Rivera), Moses (Calel Harris), Drew (James Bingham) and Royale (Ozi Nzeribe), the board watches the team like a hawk appeal to the court High schools compete for the national championship. This is certainly evident throughout the trailer, as Jace is immediately faced with the rising expectations of the school principal.


It all comes down to Jace’s senior year of high school. While he’s playing for his new team, he needs to stay out of any trouble he may have caused. Fortunately, he and his teammates still have Ike (O’Shea Jackson Jr.) to look after them as they strive to create a future for themselves. Unfortunately, everything seems to be in jeopardy when allegations of abuse against the players surface, although Jace seems to be just trying to help. It is too bad that he will even face jail time if the truth does not come to light, shows the series. a commitment to discussing real, difficult issues a world that judges by skin color. Although he still has people in his corner, like Ike, who will fight for him, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for Jace to navigate this new environment, where he desperately wants to think of him as a bully.

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Who else will take the court Swagger Season 2?

Renewed for season 2 last July, Swagger will see its stars return for a second outing, incl Shinelle Azoroh, Quvenjane Wallis, Tristan Mack Wilds, Tessa Ferrer, Christina Jackson, James Binghamand Sean Baker along with two new additions Orlando Jones and Shannon Brown. Reggae Rock Bythewood Returning to helm the series as creator, showrunner and director, as well as executive producer alongside Durant, Brian Grazer, Rich Clayman, Francie Calfoand Joy Kecken.

Swagger Season 2 premieres June 23 exclusively on Apple TV+. Check out the trailer below.