Caution! The following article contains spoilers YellowstoneThis Yellowstone Will it end after season 5? The truth is that there is no clear answer to this question yet Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan and Paramount have not given any specific plans Yellowstone season 6. That said, there are some tips Yellowstone may end soon. This includes the rumored departure of Kevin Costner Yellowstone – As many longtime viewers see it, having John Dutton out of the picture would almost be the end of the series.


Also, while Governor John Dutton was seeking a conservation easement for the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, John and Beth planned to kill Jamie, with Jamie and Sarah Atwood planning to strike first. Yellowstone Season 5, part 2 – scheduled for release in the summer of 2023 – looks like the perfect place to wrap everything up nicely. Here’s everything viewers need to know Yellowstone this season ends.

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Yellowstone may end in season 5 or 6

Luke Grimes and Kelsey Asbill in Yellowstone

This Yellowstone Will it end after season 5? More precisely, it makes sense Yellowstone‘s main plot ends in season 5 or 6. Yellowstone Seasons 1 through 5 did a good job of portraying a more dramatic crime thriller than scratching the surface of the geopolitics between white ranchers, Native Americans, private corporations, and the federal government.

That is, there is no place for the show, but the final resolution that reflects it Yellowstone the universe’s sense of frontier justice and respect for the native guardians of the continent. If anything is true Yellowstone The audience knows that John Dutton always gets his way, that’s why Yellowstone may end with the entry into force of John Dutton Conservation Easement Plan.

On the other hand, whether John’s plan succeeds or not, Yellowstone season 5, episode 1 has already promised blood, the Duttons end up plotting each other’s deaths, Rip Wheeler takes a few Dutton ranch hands and runs cattle to Texas.

Story-wise, Sheridan can still silence critics of his slow-burn plot. Yellowstone as the greatest modern Neo-Western series of all time, but it’s due soon. That said, being one of the most watched TV series comes with the problem of leaving the audience and the studio wanting more, even though the series’ perfect ending would sit well with both. Yellowstone Season 5 or Season 6.

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Will Kevin Costner leave Yellowstone? Everything we know

Summer Higgins looks at John Dutton as he drives in Yellowstone

Rumors around Kevin Costner leaves Yellowstone It began in February 2023, when reports of scheduling conflicts emerged Yellowstone and Costner’s The horizon led to a significant decrease in the commitment of the actor.

Both Costner’s camp and Paramount denied the reports in separate statements, reiterating the actor’s support for the show, which Paramount hopes will be a long-term one — meaning the network could see more seasons in the future. . Actually, it’s Cole Hauser who plays Rip Wheeler Yellowstone confirmed (via People) this Yellowstone Season 6 is in preparation. Costner will likely stay on board and John Dutton’s story will continue through at least a sixth season.

Why Yellowstone Must End

Yellowstone Conservation Easement Final

Currently shares Yellowstone‘s plot fails to rise above the previous one and the story seems to be reaching its organic conclusion. The federal government is seeking to build a pipeline through the Broken Rock Indian Reservation and the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, and Beth intends to. Taking Jamie to the train station, Jamie and Sarah could still be exposed to bring everyone down. If Gov. John Dutton’s conservation easement plan passes, it could pave the way for him to win a seat in the U.S. Senate. Although Yellowstone Season 5 was criticized for being too slow, plot-driven, and it set up a series of perfect endings for the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Besides, Yellowstone It’s not the only show Sheridan is working on. In the meantime, it seems Sheridan is more focused on creating the upcoming spin-off 6666which is about the famous Four-Sixes Ranch in Texas, as well 1923 season 2. As a world created by Sheridan Yellowstone organically as a result of these spinoffs, it would make sense if Sheridan eventually decided to end Yellowstone and instead focuses on expanding his modern Western world. Although Yellowstone It’s likely to end soon, with these spin-off shows allowing Sheridan’s vision to flourish beyond borders Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

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