After taking the road to Istanbul, internazionale they have clarified something beyond their first realization. Champions League Final since 2010 and sixth in their history.

No matter who they meet at Atatürk on June 10, they will have to struggle to lift that trophy. That was one of the great lessons of this historic 3-0 win over their big rivals. Milan. Such a standings may have made it seem like it was easy, but it came from a challenge and a desire to keep up with the situation. This is perhaps necessary because Inter are somehow a team that has greatly risen above where they are now as a club.

A challenge passes from the sides: against their position in the league; against their financial situation; against their profile; against age – even against reputation. Given how much he was criticized for his performances at the 2022 World Cup, it was symbolic that Lauturo Martinez was the definitive goal scorer to make it 1-0 here.

But, as in Qatar, he refused to surrender. So is his team. Simone Inzaghi has a perseverance and fighting stamina on her side that bears the marks of Jose Mourinho in 2010.

It’s just shadows though, because that doesn’t have the number of players in that last best season of their careers. Still, there are many good individuals who can handle it.

That’s why they eliminated Milan here and why are they more of a threat to both? real Madrid or Manchester City. The invitation is obviously meant to conclude that the eventual winners will emerge from the other semi-final, but that may have been a bigger mistake than the passivity Milan displayed here.

Inter has a good goalkeeper in Andre Onana. Alessandro Bastoni and Milan Skriniar have two top-notch defenders and the second hasn’t played yet. Nicolo Barella and Federico Dimarco have a proper midfield industry. They also have such a wide array of famous attackers that any opposition side can cause a variety of problems.

Andre Onana after Inter’s goal


Edin Dzeko was seemingly everywhere again, without actually moving that much. Romelu Lukaku has come again to show that he has returned to previous levels. Meanwhile, Martinez did what happens so often in football by offering some personal redemption, perhaps while building something bigger.

Then they have a manager at Simone Inzaghi who can apparently provide the right game plan and the right motivation for any situation.

Inter is truly the ultimate cup team and now they are going to the final stage.

It just created another European event that had to be experienced. The noise was already deafening before it became one of the defining nights for this old floor. The famous red beams swung along with everything else, first to greet the teams, then when Martinez forced past the otherwise impenetrable Mike Maignon, and finally at the moment of glorious victory.

Javier Zanetti celebrated wildly with everyone on the court, his hair still not falling apart from the hugs.

Inter players embrace after reaching Champions League final


Milan, who tried to maintain his processes in a meek way, never seemed to force him. They even had to thank Maignon for keeping them in so long. As such, he is currently described as one of the best goalkeepers in the world and perhaps even Milan’s most important player beyond Rafael Leao.

Still, the striker’s return gave Stefano Pioli a piece that his team missed badly in the first game. This has never been more evident than when he completely smashed Francesco Acerbi with his footwork, only when the space left for full conditioning became evident with a slightly enlarged shot.

It was still a piece of individual brilliance when the profiles were reversed as Inter instead offered some fluid collective action. He was one of those who brought the first brilliant save from Maignan. Dzeko showed his eternal class with a tap inside and then a nice pass to Dumfries. He cut for Nicolo Barella just to keep the goalkeeper intact. Maignan outdid himself minutes later.

Dzeko was all over the place for a veteran who apparently had to maintain his moves, and the thunderous header forced Maignan to do aerobatics.

Still, Maignan failed to keep Inter out. Martinez finally found a way, the ball squirming suitably under the goalkeeper’s body.

It fits how Inter came to Istanbul.