There are plenty of exciting horror franchises returning to the big screen in 2023 Scream and Evil Dead most notable is yet another horror series haunting our lives once again Tricky with Trick: Be afraid of the dark. The fifth installment, directed by the star of the franchise Patrick Wilsonwill debut in July, and to coincide with the new film, Sony has announced that it will release the original. Tricky led by a horror legend James Van in 4K for the first time.

This 4K edition comes in the form of a new steelbook that includes the film’s then-unknown original poster art Ty Simpkins staring menacingly at our helpless souls. The release will include all previous Blu-ray special features, including “Horror 101: The Exclusive Seminar,” “On Set with.” Tricky“, and”Tricky Individuals.”


What Tricky About?

When Tricky Released in 2010, it revived the haunted house sub-genre. The film followed the Lambert family led by husband and wife, Josh (Wilson) and Renai ().Rose Byrne), they go through the classic set-up of moving into a new house, only to find it very disappointing. Demons aren’t the worst problem, however, as their son Dalton (Simpkins) quickly slips into a coma, leading Lambert to rediscover dark secrets from Josh’s past.

Image via Blumhouse

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Best known for movies like Van I saw, The Conjuringor Harmfulthis supernatural thrill ride is one of his best. Tricky Visually very scary and creative with incredibly dark themes that will make you scream inside. It’s arthouse horror and one of the scariest movies ever made. It also helped usher in the era of “high horror” with films like this one He follows, The Babadookand Sorcery will be released soon. Also, he had a good sense of humor for characters like and Lin Shayeof Elise became a favorite in the horror community. The film launched one of the most successful horror franchises in history, with the franchise grossing over $500 million worldwide in its first four films. In addition, in terms of quality, it was one of the best modern genre franchises.

Be afraid of the dark & The Return of the Lambert Family

Next payment Be afraid of the dark will be a legacy continuation of the franchise and will feature the Lambert family in the lead roles for the first time since. Cheat: Chapter 2 in 2013. The film sees Dalton in college, ten years after the original, still dealing with the repressive demons of his past. Wilson, Byrne and Simpkins all return for the fifth payment.

Trick: Be afraid of the dark It will hit theaters on July 7, 2023, and will be the first entry in the franchise since then. Trick: the last key in 2018. As horror fans eagerly await the resurrection of the franchise on the big screen, Tricky‘ 4K UHD Steelbook will be released on June 20, 2023. Tricky marathon before the new movie. trailer for Tricky You can take a look below if you dare.