in 2021, Mat Kuyov and Erica D’Urso has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a tokusatsu-inspired graphic novel Red Hell Girl. I was very quick to back him up and promised him a nice hardcover copy of the book. Then, earlier this year they were able to do back orders and I got my copy and it was amazing. Alas, I recently got around to reading the graphic novel and it’s amazing. If you missed the Kickstarter, don’t worry. Red Hell Girl With #1 being released in three parts and available at local comic shops, all three are collected in paperback this July.

I supported Red Hell Girl for several reasons. First, I love the character design and art in general for the comic. D’Urso did a great job in both departments Igor Monti killed it with flying colours. Second, it was part of the Massive-Verse, a comic book universe I fell in love with. It started with everything Bright black from Kyle Higginsbut it is very numerous and has grown Red Hell Girl is a great supplement. Third, I’m into almost anything inspired by tokusatsu.

Red Hell Girl It tells a truly fantastic story about a girl named Cassia and her mother, who move to a big city to go back to school after that city kicks her mother out of town. Why? Her mother reports about the character Inferno Girl Red, but no one believed that Inferno Girl Red was real. Well, after some crazy events, an entire city rises from the ground and one thing leads to another, Cassia becomes the new Hell Red and has to stop the bad guys. I’ll do my best not to spoil anything, I promise.

The way this story is told is very interesting. We have real character moments. We meet amazing characters that make us feel like we belong in this world. It’s fast paced and will keep you engaged for a long time, and split into three parts, I can easily see them being adapted into a 3 part animated miniseries. It’s almost like you’re reading a TV show and I love that. I admit, there is not much mystery in the story. The little mysteries they set up, like who the bad guy is, are pretty obvious. However, I don’t hate it. Actually I don’t mind it at all. You don’t have to be crazy to be good.

At the end of the day, Red Hell Girl a story of self-reliance and self-reliance, and it’s very well done. Maybe I’m here now, but hearing this message and seeing such amazing people supporting their friends is so important right now.

Whether it’s the art, the writing, or the character design, I can’t find any fault Red Hell Girl except one. There are no other stories posted at this time. The book ends on a pretty big note that makes it clear what the next two arcs will be like, but no announcements have been made regarding Book Two. In fact, the Bridegroom responded to my cry for Book Two on Twitter: