Wow, we’re officially in the double digits! We somehow managed to make it to episode 10 of Indiescovery without going completely wild and ruining the cause together. I say this, but is this week’s episode a little, shall we say, silly? Rebecca, Liam and Rachel haven’t really spoken all week, so we’ve got a lot of energy and catching up to do on Friday, and the energy level only gets higher when we start talking about the main topic of this episode: Eurovision! And indie games, of course.

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Yes, this is a Eurovision-themed episode, or rather, indie game characters that we think would fit best at Eurovision. We’re looking for quirky, campy, whimsical, flamboyant and super weird showstoppers. Oh, and a good song would help too.

But first, we’re going to talk about Disney World, as Rachel just got back from a very fun, but very exhausting 10 day trip to Disney World Orlando. Then there’s the very damn Goofy chat, which we’ll leave you to listen to without spoilers.

So which indie game characters do we think would make great Eurovision entries? Rebecca the first of Graduation monsterLiam de Lioncourt, a hipster vampire with a love for eccentric music. We take the keytar in his hands, and we think that this weirdo with a knot and suspenders will like it. Rachel and Rebecca then agree Junebug performance from Kentucky Route Zero, is a mesmerizing ballad that would knock the hat off everyone in attendance. Liam’s choice chowder man from Hypnospace Outlawa synth-rock record whose lead sweaty dad vibes would win over the hearts of Europe.

We’ve thrown some others into the mix as well, including Lady Love Dies from Paradise killer with her absolute track “Paradise (Stay Forever)”, Hades cast, creating a super bisexual rock song in the same vein as MÃ¥neskin, any Red song from Transistorpop anthem “Drag Queen” by Undertale‘s Mettaton and (Liam’s exact words) yasified by Harry Du Bois of Disco Elysiumwhich would be huge.

There’s a short talk about what the world of adapting the Eurovision game looks like, whether it’s a party game, a visual novel, something like Just Sing or a new Danganronpa a game where every action gets a brutal execution. We’re also going back to Disney again and looking for the 10 most popular Disney characters on the internet, so enjoy!

We finish the pack with our current hyperfixes. Rachel is Eurovision (surprise surprise) and this year she’s gearing up in full with scorecards, Reddit threads, Twitter discourse and more. Rebecca’s first choice is this Murder, she wrote the series from PushingUpRosesthe YouTube series she made famous last episode, and the very good Ace Attorney podcast Reversible breakdown Jay Castello and Diego Nicolas Arguello. Liam’s first is the murder mystery High Expectations by RPS’s own Alice Bell (woohoo!), and the second is Grace Curtis’ sci-fi novel The Border .

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