The BBC is locked in urgent talks with Gary Lineker to get him back in and fired. staff boycott disrupting broadcaster’s weekend sports program, Independent understands.

top sources at the BBC, match of the day The host was “moving forward” with the goal of getting Lineker back to work this week. If any progress was reached, it would be announced immediately.

BBC director-general Tim Davie has made it clear that he wants to see the presenter back on the air after he was suspended on Friday for comparing the government’s refugee repression to 1930s Germany.

His suspension caused dozens of experts, commentators and presenters to mount a riot and weekend sports broadcasts into chaos – the BBC had to undermine Football Focus, Fight Talk And final score from the program.

match of the day Saturday night was replaced by an abbreviated highlight reel featuring Sunday, no commentary and no studio expert. 2. Match of the Day It also went live without a server.

Gary Lineker outside his house on Sunday


Lineker, who has not made any press releases since she was taken off the air, was tight-lipped as she left her home on Sunday, and when asked if she had spoken to Mr Davie, said: “I can’t say anything.”

But his son, George, tweeted his support for his father on Sunday, saying: “After a busy few days, I am so proud of the old man. You don’t need to apologize for being a good person and standing by your word. The public’s reaction was overwhelming. Thanks for support.”

Conversations come later Independent He explained that he feared the BBC would not be able to fire Lineker or force him to comply with social media neutrality rules due to uncertainties in his contract. The company will have to pay millions if they want to phase out Lineker, and possibly, match of the day The presenter believes the top figures.

In his first interview after the fallout, Mr. Davie praised Lineker as “the best in the industry”, apologized for the company’s interruption, and said he wanted to find a “reasonable solution” to get him back on the air.

But despite one of the biggest crashes in company history, Mr Davie said he would not resign. “As an avid sports fan, I know like everyone else that missing the show was a real blow and I’m sorry about that. We’re working hard to resolve the situation and make sure we’re back on the air,” Davie said.

Match of Day 2 is also expected to be reduced to a shorter schedule

(BBC/Pete Dads)

The BBC’s coverage of the Women’s Super League match between Chelsea and Manchester United on Sunday was broadcast without a pre-match presentation and used world broadcast commentary instead of regular BBC presenters.

On the second day, Radio 5 Live also replaced the usual live sports broadcast with pre-recorded content. The channel provided match commentary from the two Premier League games scheduled for Sunday afternoon, but sports presenter Alistair Bruce-Ball admitted it was a “very difficult decision” to go on air.

Ahead of Fulham’s game against Arsenal, Mr Bruce-Ball said: “It was a very difficult decision to make personally – I can assure you it was not taken lightly – but I am a BBC staff member, radio commentator. For this station and as it was yesterday.” We are here to provide our football service to you, our spectators.”

Former BBC director Peter Salmon, formerly controller and sporting director of BBC One, said: Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg the situation is “complicated” and Lineker is “an important figure”. “Twenty-five years passed in ‘Match of the Day’ – he’s more than just a TV presenter, he’s a national figure.

“He has opinions, he has passions, he takes care of Ukrainian refugees. Gary may have outgrown his job and his role at the BBC. Twenty-five years in, before Des Lynam, Gary took over, he was great. Sometimes there is a point where you cross the line.”

Former BBC chief executive Mark Thompson said he “absolutely hopes” and “believes” that Mr Davie will survive the neutrality debate surrounding Lineker. Asked if the host would be back on the air until Sunday night, Kuenssberg replied, “I hope so.”

TV expert told Sky News on whether he should apologize Sophy Ridge on Sunday: “I disagree with his comments and personally think it’s wrong for him to say what he said, but I don’t think it’s up to me to decide how to resolve this issue.”