Warning: This contains spoilers for Shadow and Bone Season 2 and the books.

Several of the major and minor characters are killed Shadow and bone Season 2, however, is the Darkling’s deadliest. Season 2 Alina and her allies continue their quest to get more of Morozova’s boosters to destroy the Shadow Fold. But while Alina and Mal made new friends, so did the Darkling in his form Nichevoya shadow animals.

At the same time Nichevoya Got something from the Darkling and he was in low health the whole time Shadow and bone Season 2, all of which served to make him even more terrifying. As Darkling himself says, “You will find that I have more practice with eternity.” For just two seasons, the Darkness seemed like the fold itself: endless, merciless, and full of darkness that possessed Ravka. But. Shadow and bone Season 2 made the surprising choice to kill off the main villain in the season finale.

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Kirigan’s death is explained and why it’s so shocking

Brother Ben Barnes Kirigan

Throughout Shadow and bone In Season 2, various characters commented that the Darkling was slowly dying. What ever merzost The dark magic he used to survive the Shadowfold and create it Nichevoya had taken something from him. He tried to hide his illness from all but his most trusted advisers, but the symptoms persisted: a cough, severe headaches, even coughing up a black sticky substance. Even in his weakened state, it was hard to believe Shadow and bone‘s ageless Darkling really dies. After all, he has survived for thousands of years. That’s why it was such a shock that he finally met his end.

But the surprising thing is that Alina had a hand in it. For the first time, he was able to cut the Slash and his blade of light through Kirigan’s side and his darkness. Even so, he might have survived if Alina’s destruction of the fold hadn’t further weakened him – remember, he’s from the fold, and it’s him. It was finally over when Alina stabbed him in the heart with the magical Neshyenyer blade. It was the only thing that could kill a Darkling Nichevoya, so it might be the only thing that can kill a Darkling. Still, it was a surprise to everyone when he finally breathed his last—the Darkling had always seemed eternal.

Will he die in the shadows and bone books he entered?

soy and bone alina and entered

Kirigan actually dies at the end of the third book Shadow and bone trilogy, Destruction and Ascension. Instead of killing him with a magic knife, Alina stabs him with a knife made of Grisha steel, but he does. However, the ending is completely different in several ways. For starters, Alina alone won’t destroy the Shadow Fold. Instead, with the third Shadow and bone amplifier, he is able to channel his power into his army of minions, who become his own Sun Summoners. Together, they use their combined powers to destroy the Fold.

In the book, when Alina surrenders her powers to the new Sun Summoners, she loses her powers. Kirigan is horrified to realize that he is once again alone in the world. Alina then uses her distraction to approach him and drive a dagger into his heart. As in the show, he asks Alina to make sure nothing is left of his body in his final moments. For one, he doesn’t want to use his bones as reinforcements, but the Darkling also knows his horror and understands that his grave will be desecrated. In Shadow and bone Season 2his last words”My little saint,” but in the books, his last words are a bit more tragic: “Don’t let me be alone.”

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Could Kirigan be returning for Season 3 of Shadow & Bone?

Darkling in season 2

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), there’s every chance the Darkling will return. Shadow and bone Season 3, if that happens. It’s back to the books, though not immediately. His return occurs at the end of the duology dedicated to Nikolai and Zoya. King of Scars. In the book, as in the series, the Darkling always somehow survives when Nikolai is infected by the shadows and shadows of Kirigan. merzost created Voldemort could not be killed in the same way Harry Potter series until every last horcrux is destroyed, so the threat of the Darkling remains, even though he’s technically dead.

In the books, the Darkling officially returns when Nicholas endures an ancient ritual designed to separate him from the shadow monster within. One must kill the other, but something goes wrong and the Darkling’s shadowy soul moves into the body of the Darkling’s surrounding cult acolyte, who appears after his death. Shadow and bone Season 2 was drastically different from the books, so it’s hard to say if the Darkling will return just like in the books. However, Nicholas had infected his shadow monster by the end of the year Shadow and bone In Season 2, the Darkling may not be completely gone yet.

Who will become the Shadow & Bone villain now?

Pekka Rollins tortures a man with a knife in Shadow and Bone.

Even if Kirigan comes back Shadow and bone In season 3, it is unlikely that he will return in the first episodes. This means that another villain has to fill the void left by the Darkling, and it takes a few characters to cause this much chaos in his absence. Of course, there are several contenders for this position. Pekka Rollins rules Hellgate Prison as ruthlessly as he rules a barrel, and he seems to enjoy torturing Mathias. He will undoubtedly use his connection with Matthias to his detriment Shadow and boneof Kaz and somehow the Crows.

Another potential – maybe actually – villain is Apparat. After going inside Shadow and bone In season 1, he barely made it Shadow and bone Save for one scene from the season 2 finale. However, he is already hostile to Nicholas, and it is clear that he does not trust the young king. With Apparat’s dull ways and religious fervor, it becomes crucial for Nicholas to keep the secret of his shadow monster from Apparat. As he looks for any reason to dethrone Nikolai, Alina, Zoya, and Genia’s new Grisha Triumvirate must tread very carefully. Shadow and bone Season 3 – Even without the Darkling.

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