Tue. Dec 6th, 2022

TOMMY FURY vowed to “break his face” after his fight with Jake Paul got personal and agreed to a rescheduled fight.

Father and coach John alleged that he shook hands with Paul’s manager, Nakisa Bidarian, during a match leading up to Dubai in February.

Tommy Fury blasts Jake Paul from ringside


Tommy Fury blasts Jake Paul from ringsideCredit: Global Titans
Jake Paul was a special guest commentator for Tommy Fury's fight.


Jake Paul was a special guest commentator for Tommy Fury’s fight.Credit: Global Titans

The YouTuber turned boxer was a special guest commentator at the Coca-Cola Arena when Fury replaced Rolly Lambert at an exhibition.

Paul, 25, chuckled from ringside, and the two later clashed after a fight as safety had to rein in them as their rivalry reached new heights.

Fury, 23, told iFL TV: “I don’t like him. Initially, he was a big YouTuber, I just came from Love Island, it’s going to be a big fight.

“But as the months go by, I don’t like this guy and I’m going to break his face when I get in the ring with him.

“A man I don’t like and this is not for the camera, there is no bull about it, this is real bad blood.

“I don’t like him and when he enters the ring with me I will rearrange his face.”

Famous boxing foes signed up to fight twice, but Fury backed out on both.

He suffered a rib injury last December, and then withdrew on the rescheduled date in August due to a still lingering US visa issue.


Father John chose Dubai as the location for renegotiation after making a verbal agreement with Paul’s adviser, Bidarian.

“Contracts mean nothing to me, but you can build a tower on a handshake and my word.

“He promised me, his manager, we will fight in February. And where is a better place? Dubai world.”

Paul beat 47-year-old UFC legend Anderson Silva 6-0 in his last game in October to get the biggest win of his career.

Fury was due to return 5-2 to 33-year-old American Paul Bamba, but the match was dramatically canceled that day due to a weight dispute.


Instead, the 33-year-old 17-bout Lambert was filled just hours ago but could not be confirmed as a professional fight.

Fury has six precious bullets under his belt and vows to be the man to stop Paul’s gravy train.

“My blood boils when I see him and I’ll do what everybody wants me to do and that’s the end of this man.

“Canelo won’t put an end to him because Canelo is completely out of his league, Canelo will never fight him.

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“All these other big, big pro fighters aren’t going to fight him.

“I am his man and I will silence him for everyone in the world.”

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul still linked to a grudge match in February


Tommy Fury and Jake Paul still linked to a grudge match in FebruaryCredit: BT SPORT