Humble Bundle has partnered with game developers, book publishers, and more to create an essential bundle. The Turkey-Syria earthquake aid game and book collection Available until March 8 in response to the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Transfers 100% of earnings Straight relief, International Medical Corpsand Save the children. To save money, you can get over $1000 worth of materials on 72 products for just $30! If you can afford to pay more, I encourage it.

Some games are included Knights of Gotham, XCOM 2, Pathfinder: Kingmaker Enhanced Plus Editionand Ghostrunner. Includes digital copy of books and comics Star finder core rulebook and comic book series Saga Among others. You can get more information from Humble’s blog post and get your copy of the collection now.

  • Direct Aid: Focuses on deploying emergency medicine and equipment to health facilities and search and rescue teams throughout Turkey and northwestern Syria.

  • International Medical Corps (IMC): Provides essential services to communities in Turkey and Syria, including health, mental health, protection, non-food distribution, water, sanitation and hygiene services.

  • Save the Children: committed to helping children every day and in times of crisis. In response to the earthquake, they moved to meet urgent needs and provide life-saving assistance in Turkey and Syria.