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The following contains spoilers for Hunter x Hunter Chapter 394, “Hypothesis” by Yoshihiro Togashi, translated by Lillian Olsen, available in English from Viz Media.

Hunter x Hunter has been gaining momentum since its long-awaited return last month with manga chapter 391, after a hiatus in November 2018. Written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi, the manga is loved the world over for its amazing story and beloved cast of characters.

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Story Hunter x Hunter continues into the Succession Contest arc, where members of the Kakin family compete for the throne in a competition where only one person remains. In the last few chapters, the members of the royal family were hardly mentioned until 394, and instead, they began to focus more on the three main mafia families of the Kakin Empire, in particular Hale-Li, Si-Yu, and Cha-R. As Hisoka once again enters Deck 1 of the Black Whale and the Phantom Troupe targeting Hale-Lee, this chapter focuses more on recruiting newly introduced characters.

Hunter x Hunter 394: A Trap Set by Heil-ly

Heil-ly trap hunter x hunter 394

AT Hunter x Hunter 393, Si-Yu and Cha-R’s underbosses, Hinrig Biganduffno and Wang, were led by an officer to what he claimed was the entrance to Hail-Li’s base, the first class middle ward. However, an old man met them in the room. Looking suspicious, Hinrig threatened him with a knife.

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 394, as expected, picked up where the last one left off and continued the meeting. When the threat from the old man is established, those present remain outside the room, as they are highly suspicious that something is wrong with this. Hinri was seen throwing a knife at the old man’s leg after he tried to find a way to escape by pretending to need a bath. Surprisingly, after being stabbed, the old man’s body seemed to evaporate. It may not have been his real body, as Hinrig notes that he did not bleed to death from being stabbed. Perhaps it could be one of the nen abilities of Hale-Lee’s subordinates.

After the ordeal, Wan mentions to Hinrig that they should just leave Hale-Lee to the Phantom Troupe as it will make their job easier and result in fewer casualties. Then, in due course, they could deal with the Troupe by releasing Hisoka after them, now that they have found him and he is now sitting on Black Whale Level 1 as part of their deal with him. While they were discussing this, short Tassi entered the room to take Hinri’s knife. However, when he entered, he disappeared, confirming that it was Hyle-Lee’s trap. The moment Tassi was teleported away, he was killed by a member of Heil-Ly, allowing him to reach level 21 and giving him access to nen abilities.

Hunter x Hunter 394: Morena’s plan

Plan Morena hunter x hunter 394

After killing Tassi at Hale-Lee’s hideout, the chapter continued to show the characters’ ambitions. Apparently, most of them plan to reach level 21, as it seems to unlock their nen abilities, thanks to Morena’s own nen ability, which allows them to level up depending on who they chase and kill.

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After Morena Prudeau’s betrayal of the fourth Cerriednich Prince Hui Guo Rou, she fully expects him to avenge one way or another. However, the Battle of the Legacy will make it difficult for her to predict his movements, so to remedy this, she plans to kidnap and recruit one of Cerridnich’s personal soldiers. By infecting one of them, she would certainly gain an advantage. Meanwhile, Hinrig returned to the fountain, where he left the cat camera to review the footage.

Hunter x Hunter 394: Friends of the Fourth Prince

Friends of Cerridnich hunter x hunter 394

Hunter x Hunter 394 saw that the focus had been removed from Morena and the readers were transported to Deck 3 with some soldiers who had just discovered the body of a member they thought was Cha-R’s. One of the soldiers points out that they should treat the Heil-Ly soldiers as civilians, as the mafia family never provided a list of members, meaning that killing a Heil-Ly member could be counted as a mafia attack on a citizen causing problems. to Si-Yu and Cha-R.

Not wanting the situation to escalate to such an extent, it is now more than ever necessary to capture Morena. The soldiers speculated that Cerridnich had no intention of capturing and punishing Morena due to being distracted by his new nen abilities. It is interesting to note that this soldier, Otocin, uses the nickname of Prince Cerridnic, calling him “Cerrid” or “Cerri”.

It turns out that the police probably voluntarily left this body “not found” for several days, trying to sweep under the carpet any conflicts associated with the mafia. However, the concern is that if the Hunter’s Association intervenes, they will likely question the Kakin Empire’s investigation. Hunter x Hunter 394 ended on a shocking note when it was revealed that the soldiers were friends of the prince, or at least former friends. They decide to avoid Morena as they recognize its danger, and their goal is to try and learn more about the nen that is spreading throughout Level 1 of the Black Whale. Hunter x Hunter becomes more and more tense, and the plot around the mafia families certainly becomes more than interesting.

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