New family reality show Coming to Hulu. Powered by Disney, the streamer provides Mysteries and Sisterhood: In Words on June 7. All 10 episodes of the first season will be released on the same day. The show tells the story of 10 Muslim-American sisters living in Los Angeles. Viewers watch a close-knit family try to master life in the States while also navigating cultural expectations with their own relationships and careers. Some of the sisters were born in Afghanistan before their parents fled in the 1980s, while the rest were born in America. The trailer of the new series was released on Wednesday.


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Meet the Sozahdah sisters from the new Hulu reality series

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With 10 sisters, it takes a while to get to know who’s who. PEOPLE gave a brief account of each sister. The oldest of the group is Shaista, the restaurateur and matriarch of the sister crew. Halima participates in political activities and votes for the community. Rabya also devotes her time to improving the community, focusing on the betterment of those afflicted by poverty. Khadija is a mother like Muzlafa. Hamida, the youngest of the family, graduated from the faculty of psychology and works as a special therapist.

Shakur has an entrepreneurial spirit, making documentaries about his family, and is involved in real estate through home exchanges, condominiums, and commercial buildings. Jamiliya works as a PA in the medical field and also runs a business, running Society in Scrubs, which aims to style clothing for health and wellness professionals. Siddiqa also works in the medical world as a registered nurse and is active in the community by raising funds to support refugees. The path to real estate and entrepreneurship continues with Nooreya, who emphasizes startups in the world of housing and sports.

The trailer hints at the conflicting lifestyles between the sisters

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Throughout the trailer, it is discussed that the family has some differences in their views due to their different upbringings in Afghanistan and America. Nooreya says that in the trailer, the older sisters come from a conservative household, which has changed after being in the US for the younger sisters. The young group calls themselves The Wolf Pack.

there is known Keeping up with the Kardashians to feel in the trailer, so only time will tell if the sisters will have the same effect. The two shows obviously share a story of kinship and different views within a family. One of the sisters even said in her voiceover that she thought filming a reality TV show with her family would be fun, but it might not be.

Mysteries and Sisterhood: In Words will be one of several new unscripted shows coming to Hulu. There are two more shows booked on the platform. Love in Fairhope, which follows five generations of women in an Alaskan town. It will also be Ohio Royal RulesA series about three Ghanaian sisters in their twenties living in Ohio.