With only one “like a movie” episode to enter Succession‘s flawless ride, our time with the Roy family is coming to an end. And in the fourth season HBO The hit series featured many milestones and achievements including a A crazy visit to Gojo’s headquartersan an adrenaline-fueled shareholder meetingand a potentially criminal election — none could be more impressive than the cast and crew’s ability to pull off one of the biggest twists in recent television history.

Death of Logan Roy (Brian Cox) hit both the audience and the characters on the show like a ton of bricks, giving everyone little preparation or time to say goodbye. When talking to THRseries producer and director of the final episode, “Church and State” Mark Mylod The process of saving was discussed a terrible turn Despite having to shoot Logan’s funeral. Including changing the scripts to say that Logan’s brother, Evan, had died, and making a heartfelt plea to the many extras needed to film the funeral.


Mylod explained:

“There’s a lot that happened that I’m not directly familiar with, but we had a lot of conversations and planning meetings at the beginning of the season about how we’re going to handle it. HBO has been great with their advice using their resources and expertise, trying to keep things private in the world of social media. The first steps were very simple. Starting with the third episode, after Logan passed, we basically replaced the word “Logan” in every script with the name Ewan (played by James Cromwell, Logan’s brother). When it came to the funeral in episode nine, we factored that into all of our scripts and even the posters outside the church, as if it were at Evan’s funeral. That was the first step.”

Brian Cox as Logan Roy
Photo by Jefferson Chacon

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Naturally, the hundreds of background extras who attended the funeral were asked to sign NDAs. Mylod explained that when working with so many people over the course of several days of filming, there was a very high chance that someone would leak an implausible plot twist. Miraculously, no one broke Logan’s death and maybe it was Myload and the HBO team talking to them directly and asking them to cover it up. He said:

“We didn’t ask them to sign an NDA. I talked to them, and so did the HBO team, and we all talked to them and asked them to keep it confidential: ‘Let’s not spoil the enjoyment of the fans of the show.’ Let this be our little secret. Let’s not tell anyone. Be quiet. Sure, tell your partners at home, but please keep it under your hat. It was really out of kindness. Everyone obliged. I am very grateful and very touched by it. It can be a very cynical world at times.

While it’s possible to imagine a scenario where Evan went instead of Logan, it would have negated a lot. emotional weight penultimate episode, and as a whole season presented as we watch each character begin to break the hard exterior. Although many expected Logan to meet his maker at the end of the series, the bold choice to do so in this season’s episode 3 changed the story in a big way. Forcing each of the Roy brothers to evolve and adapt now from the shadow of their fathers.

Mylod directed sixteen episodes Succession, including those considered by many to be his best in the series Not for Tears, All the Bells Tell, and Connor’s Wedding. He will be behind the camera next week as well the long-awaited finale. Apart from his work SuccessionMylod also directed six episodes Game of Thronesas well as last year’s critically acclaimed horror comedy Menu played a role Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor-Joy.

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