EXCLUSIVE: ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’ sequel director Chris Brewster reflects on Tyler Hacklin’s journey to master the art of the action scene.

In between portraying Superman Superman and LoisTyler Hoechlin delighted the audience with his return to his roots Young Wolf: The Movie, and returns to the franchise with a new level of experience under his belt. Hoechlin’s Derek Hale went out in a blaze of glory and ultimately sacrificed himself to save his son, and while sad, it was a powerful ending for a beloved character. The end of Derek Hale also marks the end of an era, as Hoechlin has been attached to the character ever since. Young wolf The series started airing in 2011.

Of course, Hechlin’s return to the world Young wolf He is known for his roles since the series began, particularly in the Arrowverse and as Superman in the film. series Superman and Lois. His experiences as Superman can be subtly revealed on screen Young Wolf: The Movie, those behind the camera certainly paid attention, especially when it came time to shoot Derek Hale’s action sequences. Speaking of Hoechlin’s return Young Wolf: The Movie after improving movement skills Superman and Loissecond division director Chris Brewster said:

Honestly, Hoechlin has been built like Superman since he worked on Teen Wolf. He’s incredibly healthy now, but he’s always been incredibly healthy. I think the only difference is that he’s only been on camera for a few years on Teen Wolf, and now, after years of not only being a teen wolf, but Superman as well, he’s definitely more polished. rather than that.

I think from my experience, you get a certain level of performance, you can pick up shots wherever the camera is, and you almost have a sixth sense of where that camera is. That way, as you move through the action sequence, you know exactly where to put everything, exactly how to sell each reaction. He’s always been great at acting, and now he’s even better.

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Where could Tyler Hacklin’s career go after Superman and Lois?

Tyler Hacklin as Superman in Superman and Lois

Obviously, Brewster has a lot of respect for Tyler Hoechlin’s ability to turn into exciting and believable action sequences, so it only makes sense that Hoechlin would find a way to get more action in later roles. Superman and Lois. Definitely a notable twist in Hoechlin’s critically acclaimed 2020 time-loop film. Palm Springs it also points to a promising future beyond the realm of action. Hoechlin certainly seems like the type of actor who could excel in a dramatic thriller Jack Ryan with ease as a slower, more emotional line in the vein of This is us.

Another factor in Hoechlin’s future is undoubtedly James Gunn and Peter Safran’s takeover of the DCU. Although Superman and Lois has been confirmed to continue, there’s no word on how long the show will last given the many changes going on at the studio. By the way, Superman and Lois could start his own televsion à la the Arrowverse with ease that could end in the not too distant future. For now, at least, Hoechlin’s Superman seems imminent Superman and Lois Season 3.

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Young Wolf: The Movie out now on Paramount+ and Superman and Lois Season 3 premieres March 14 on The CW.