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Back in the Sinnoh games, Pokemon gave old school critters a new focus with additional evolutions. Pokémon Scarlet and Purple repeats the trick. Mankey and Primeape, the Cantonese duo of the original 151, have been in hearts and minds for decades. But the idea that Primeape would ever see evolution never occurred to most of us.

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Game Freak enjoys surprises. Introducing Annihilape, the Paldean undead specialty(!) successor to Primeape. If you’re a fan of those rogue monkeys of the past, you’ll need Annihilape ASAP. Even if it’s not, what’s the name, right? You must have one. No wonder you came to us.


Where to find Monkey and Primeape

Scarlet Violet Mankey Pokémon Habitat

If you want Annihilape, you need Primeape. It sounds like the wise wisdom of a beloved grandmother, but we digress. You can capture Munky and turn him into a Primeape, or you can capture a Primeape by itself, although since you’ll need them for your Pokedex and your group is always sharing experiences, you might want to consider going the first route.

Manki is quite easy to find in Paldea. We encountered Monkey in Districts 1 and 5 of the Southern Province. He pops up in Western ProvinceZone 1 this is a sure bet.

If you prefer to move to Primeape, or if you already have a Monkey in your fireteam and don’t want to upgrade it to Level 28 improve, you can find Primeape in Western Province Area One. Either way, it should be easy enough to find. Munky and Primeape don’t wait for trainers to spot them first, if you know what we mean.

How to turn Primeape into Annihilape

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Annihilape Pokedex

So, you have become the proud owner of an equally proud Primeape. Congratulations. But the treasure at the end of this hunt is the trusty new Annihilap. Upgrade your Primeape to level 35.. Since it evolves from Manka at level 28, it won’t take long. You can always speed up the process with experience boosting items.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Primeape learns:Fist of fury at level 35, a necessary step on the way to Anniguilape. Make Primeape your active Pokémon with Rage Fist learned, then use this move in combat 20 times.. It has ten PP (strength points), so if you don’t have the right recovery medicines, you’ll need a trip to the Pokémon Center to refuel your buddy before it hits that prime 20. (We know it’s not a prime 20 prime number. Bad humor.)

Primeape apparently expresses genuine and direct anger every time he uses Rage Fist. This anger is so palpable that after 20 full attacks, the next time your Primeape levels up, it will become Annihilape. Annihilape is of the Ghost/Fighting type, which means your Primeape may or may not die of raw rage, which is a bit confusing.

With your freshly killed monkey slugger by your side, nothing stands in the way of your quest to beat a bunch of other things in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

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