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Getting Palafin in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet takes a little more effort than usual as Finizen’s development process involves going online, but if you can go online or join a local session, it’s absolutely worth your while. Palafin is one of the most powerful Scarlet and Violet Water types if you learn how to use them.

How to get Finizen in Scarlet and Violet

Finizen is hard to find. You have a random chance to meet them in any of the seas of Paldea. Your Koraidon or Miraidon must regain their ability to swim by defeating Bombbirdier Titan in the Western Province. You can do this around the time of your third Gym Battle, but the rate of Pokémon spawning in the oceans seems a bit random.

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It’s unknown if this is due to some of Scarlet and Violet’s many crashes or something else, but you can find a guaranteed Finizen in one place: Western Province’s Second Zone. In this vast area, you can also find Girafarig, although naturally you should look for Finizen in the rivers and the ocean.

Once you find Finizen, if you don’t want to look any further, consider breeding one with DItto to get a Finizen egg.

How to evolve Finizen to Palafin

Unlike Dundunsparce, you don’t need to teach Finizen a specific move to help them develop. Instead, you need:

  • Finizen at level 38 or higher
  • be in the Union Circle with at least one other player
  • to level up Finizen once while in the Union Circle

Union Circle is the golden circle at the end of any Pokemon Center where you can join other players and go on an adventure. To level up Finizen, all you have to do is stay in a circle with another player long enough to level up Finizen once – with an EXP candy, for example – and it will do the trick.

Check the river in the second zone and if Finizen doesn't appear there, swim to the bay near Marinada Port.
Check the river in the second zone and if Finizen doesn’t appear there, swim to the bay near Marinada Port.

Is it possible to catch a Palafin in the wild?

If you’re very lucky, it’s possible. Palafin doesn’t spawn in the wild, not even in Zone Zero, but you have very little chance of finding one in a high level Tera Raid. Otherwise, your only chance to add Palafin to your team is to evolve Finizen.

Palafin good?

Palafin is a great Water-type and the only Pokémon that can currently learn or remember Rocket Strike, but their power relies on one key aspect: shapeshifting. Palafin transforms into Hero Form after you swap it for another Pokémon during a battle, and Palafin remains in Hero Form until that battle is over. All of their stats except HP get a massive boost, and their base attack in particular goes up to a staggering 160. Combine that with moves like Jet Punch and Wave Crash and you really do have a mighty friend in Palafin.

However, the swap requirement makes the installation a bit more clumsy. You’ll need a Pokémon that knows Baton Swap or another switch move to make it easier to use the Hero Form.

If you need more advice, check out our list of things we’d like to know before launching Scarlet and Violet so you don’t have to make the same mistakes we did. And to get another strong new Paldea Pokémon for your team, check out how to evolve Sharcadet, whose final form changes depending on which version of Scarlet and Violet you’re playing.

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