Disney Dreamlight Valley is an exciting game set in a beautiful valley inhabited by many iconic Disney characters. Players can complete quests, find lost items, and participate in various activities to restore the valley to the magical kingdom it once was.

With around 160 recipes, cooking is an important part Disney Dreamlight Valley gameplay. Selling food is a a great way to earn Star Coins, as ready meals have a higher selling price than individual ingredients. In addition, players can also consume them to restore lost energy and give to other villagers to quickly increase their friendship level. This guide will tell you about the recipe for Coconut Boba Tea Disney Dreamlight Valley.


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Bob’s Coconut Tea Recipe at Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

making Dreamlight Valley Coconut Bean Tea

Boba Coconut Tea is a three-star food, so its recipe involves the use of three ingredients. The number of stars in a recipe does not indicate its value, but the ingredients used in its preparation. Below is the full recipe for Coconut Boba Tea Disney Dreamlight Valley.

  • 1 x coconut
  • 1 x milk
  • 1 x sugar cane.

Where to find the ingredients for Bob’s Coconut Tea

ingredients at Chez Remy in Dreamlight Valley

Coconut is the most important ingredient in Bob’s Coconut Tea recipe and can be quite difficult to obtain as it is locked behind a quest.

To get the coconuts, players will need to befriend Maui by traveling to Moana’s kingdom and completing a few simple missions to convince him to move to the valley. When he moves in, build him a house and reach friendship level 2. It would be a good idea to treat him to some delicious recipes that he loves, such as the Aurora cake, to get friendship points. When players reach level 2, they can start the quest “Eel’s Burial”.

The quest involves catching an eel and planting it in the valley. After some time, the Coconut Palm will appear, and the Dreamers will be able to collect coconuts.

Milk can be purchased from the pantry at Chez Remy Restaurant for 230 Star Coins. however, newbies who have yet to unlock Remy will have to go to Dream Castle and complete Remy’s quests to get him to the valley.

To get the sugar cane, head to Goofy’s stall at Dazzle Beach. A fully grown sugar cane is available for 29 Star Coins or players can also grow it from seed which costs 7 Star Coins.

After collecting each ingredient, go to the cooking station and put them in the pot to make Coconut Boba Tea. Players can sell this dish at Goofy’s Stalls for 406 Star Coins or drink it to restore 1653 energy.

Disney Dreamlight Valley now available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.