In The Forest, the prequel to Sons of the Forest, you can create a well sled. You can then use this sled to transport items such as rocks, logs, sticks, etc. It was an extremely useful tool that allowed heavy objects to be transported much faster. In Sons of the Forest, we have a similar tool called the Sleigh. In this guide, we’ll show you how to make a sled in Sons of the Forestand will also tell you if you can also create a well sled.

How to make a

How to make a “Sons of the Forest” harness.

How to get a sleigh in Sons of the Forest

To be able to get a sled in Sons of the Forest, you will first need to find a 3D printer. There are several of them in the game. We managed to find one at service area A. We’ve marked that location in the screenshot below. Note that once you get there, so do you a shovel is needed excavate the entrance. Inside, you’ll find a printer in the room to the right of the end of the hallway. Go inside and you’ll find a 3D printer on a table. By the way, here you will also find Technical key cardWhat you need get a katana.

Location of the 3D printer
Location of the 3D printer

Point to the computer next to the 3D printer and press R to scroll through the things it can do until you get to the sled. You will need 1000 Printer Resin to be able to 3D print a sled. Fortunately, places where you can find a 3D printer usually have a lot of printer resin lying around. When you have enough Printer Resin and the sled is selected, press E to print it. Wait for the printing to finish and then pick it up. It should be noted that Sleds work much differently than Log Sleds. Instead of lugging things around, these plastic sleds are used to slide down surfaces like mountains.

Can you make a sled out of logs in Sons of the Forest

Log Sans is currently missing from Sons of the Forest, and you can’t do it yet. This doesn’t mean it won’t be added to the game in a future update, but it’s currently impossible to craft and obtain.