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Although the genre itself remains relatively niche, RPG elements have begun to find their way into mainstream releases over the past two generations. Unusually, in games that would otherwise be conventional action games, leveling up or progressing a character isn’t just about the player’s basic skills. To what extent is it grounded in reality? Red Dead Redemption 2 doesn’t shy away from level or stats.

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However, Arthur Morgan only has three stats that can be raised in RDR2. Arthur’s attributes determine what he can do and for how long, covering his health, stamina, and dead eye. While each attribute will increase on its own in Red Dead Redemption 2, there are ways to increase Arthur’s stats on your own in RDR2.


Updated March 19, 2023 by Sean Murray: We’ve updated this guide to make sure all information is up-to-date and improve readability.

Understanding rods and cores

Red Dead Redemption 2 core

It’s important to understand that Arthur’s attributes use two in-game progress meters: attribute panel and attribute core. Bars and Cores share close play roles, with Arthur’s actions draining Cores as he spends all of his Bar. For all intents and purposes, Bars are a rechargeable energy meter, while Cores represent Arthur’s base/reserve stats.

After the bar is used, Arthur’s actions will begin to drain his Core. However, cores actually flow naturally throughout gameplay. Along with functioning as a basic statistic, Cores reflect the realism of Red Dead Redemption 2. Not eating enough, eating too much, staying awake for too long, and clothing at the wrong temperature all gradually lower Arthur’s Core.

Bar and core service

Red Dead Redemption 2 tonic

With this in mind, it’s important to really understand how to best maintain ingots and cores. Since cores affect the rate at which bars are replenished, it is very important not to let them dry completely. Once the core is fully depleted, Arthur’s Bars will no longer regenerate. To restore cores and ingots, players need to review their item inventory.

While sleep also replenishes cores, Arthur won’t always have easy access to his camp or bed. Potable tonics can recharge Arthur’s bars (although some have negative side effects such as temporarily lowering the other), while eating can fill the cores.

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Red Dead Redemption Game Over Screen

Unlike the original Red Dead Redemption which featured health regeneration and a bloody screen to convey how close John Marston was to death, Red Dead Redemption 2 actually contains the correct Health Bar for Arthur Morgan. The health attribute is easily determined by the heart icon inside its Core. naturally, Arthur’s health decreases when he takes damage. Although Arthur can survive when his health bar is depleted, losing all of his health cores will result in a game over.

Increasing health

Red Dead Redemption 2 Fish Arthur Morgan

Since health is probably Arthur’s most important stat, it makes sense to level it up as soon as possible. Fortunately, Health is one of Arthur’s easiest stats to level up. The level of the health bar increases by:

  • Catching fish.
  • Victorious fist fights.
  • Kill enemies with a bow.
  • Killing enemies with metal knives.
  • Drink ginseng elixir.
  • Rowing a boat.

The health bar can also be increased by completing the Herbalist, Master Hunter and Weapons Expert challenges.

Oddly enough, the fastest and most reliable way to improve health is rowing. Take the boat on the water and just row until Arthur’s full health is depleted.


Red Dead Redemption 2 Endurance Arthur Morgan runs

Stamina is really only related to sprinting and other minor physical actions, but Arthur is active enough that players will find their stamina core depleting quickly and often if they don’t take care of it properly. Arthur’s Stamina can be identified by the Lightning Bolt logo inside its core. Although not as important as health in the grand scheme of things, Stamina is likely to wear and tear often while playing.

Increasing endurance

Red Dead Redemption 2 Arthur Morgan swims

Since stamina development is actually related to sprinting, players will increase stamina while losing stamina. Almost any physical activity slightly increases Arthur’s staminabut there are other means of leveling the stats.

  • Sprint on foot.
  • Long swim.
  • Win a battle when Arthur is below 25 HP.
  • Drink aged pirate rum.

As with Heath, Stamina can also be increased by completing various tasks. In this case, Arthur can earn additional Stamina by completing the Explorer, Rider, and Survival challenges.

Dead eye

Red Dead Redemption 2 Dead Eye

Unlike other attribute panels, A dead eye does not actually regenerate automatically. Since Dead Eye slows down gameplay to allow players to make more accurate shots, it stands to reason that the mechanic is designed to prevent continuous spamming.

If the attribute recharges naturally, Deadeye will abuse every enemy encounter. While there are ways to level up Dead Eye on your own, it’s important to keep this in mind The attribute is actually tied to Arthur’s place in history.

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Resurrection of the dead eye

Red Dead Redemption 2 Dead Eye

Dead eye can be identified by the Core with the eyeball inside it and is broken down into 5 separate levels that are unlocked after completing the following story missions:

  • Chapter 1 – Old friends
  • Chapter 2 – Spilling the Oil IV
  • Chapter 4 – Urban pleasures
  • Chapter 5 – Quick Joy
  • Chapter 6 – Goodbye, dear friend

Further updates of Dead Eye, the more advanced it becomes. goodbye dear friend players can manually choose where and at whom to shoot as well as pinpointing where the enemy’s vitals are. However, this does not take into account the Dead Eye panel. The attribute panel level increases by:

  • Skinning of animals.
  • Shots to the head from a distance of more than 50 meters.
  • Making items.
  • Cooking meals.
  • Completing the Bandit, Player and Sniper challenges.

Be aware that the Dead Eye panel locks at certain points in the story, and it is not recommended to buff your stats before completing Chapter 6.

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