Fate 2 likes to give players secret missions for exotic gear, and Lightfall isn’t breaking that tradition. If you head to the EDZ and land in The Gulch, you may notice a number of Vex nodes floating around and giving out some kind of message. Collecting them is the first step in a new quest to obtain the exotic glaive Vexcalibur. Here’s how to get it:

First, collect all six Vex Nodes

There are six of these nodes scattered around The Gulch, and you have to collect them all in a certain amount of time. Luckily for us, the time limit is pretty simple, and collecting the next nodes adds time. Here’s where to find all six nodes:

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This node is located directly under the section of broken highway near the lost sector to the south.

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Along the southeastern border of the Gorge, a clearing with dilapidated trees hides this node.

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On the cliff north of the wrecked highway, you can spot this node above some abandoned Cabal equipment.

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You can spot this node as well as the one to the right in the middle of the Rift near the Cabal patrol and the downed ground tank.

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Here’s a clearer picture of the node on the right hanging between some trees to the northwest.

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And, finally, one node high in the sky between the road signs near the north-eastern exit from Galcha.

Go to the simulated cave and collect the exotic mission

After collecting all six nodes, you will have to go to the nearby cave, which has been expanded for the sake of the quest. Climb to the top of the ruined highway that spans one Vex node and head back southeast where you’ll see a cliff face with a path. Take that to a cave with weird looking Vex fields and environmental simulations – go through them and drop into the hole at the end of that path. At the bottom you’ll find a Vex Harpy with a mission for you to give. Start it when you’re ready, but be warned: this quest can be frustrating if you don’t have at least one other player to help you.


This mission will take players into the Vex network, which they may be familiar with from the Vex invasion zones on Neptune as well as Season of the Splicer. Mitrax will be communicating all the time, letting you know what is going on in the mission. Many of its parts are centered around the platform, so jump comfortably. Otherwise, look for green lights in the environment, as well as projections of a certain character from vanilla Destiny 2, to guide you around some of the more maze-like structures in the Vex network. Continue through the mission until you are eventually dropped into a huge vat of radiolarian fluid (aka “Vex milk”) to reach the first mission flag and the Dark Zone. Here you will be introduced to the mission’s main mechanic.

Look for holographic patterns like the one shown to the right to teach you on the spire.
Look for holographic patterns like the one shown to the right to teach you on the spire.

When you reach the platform with all the Vex, you’ll notice a spire in the middle of the arena that is constantly changing, with Vex-style figures appearing around it. You are looking for a holographic pattern in the medium that shows the shapes and the order in which you want to capture them from top to bottom.

You’ll have to enter these patterns three times to destroy the spire and open the gate ahead, where you should expect strong resistance from Minotaurs and Cyclops. Make your way past them and you’ll come across another one of these spiers. You aim to do the same thing here as in the previous room. Rinse and repeat until you eventually reach the end of this area of ​​darkness and move on to the next section of the mission, a puzzle platformer.

The biggest obstacle of this section is crawling down an inclined passage with blocks flying out of the wall. Naturally, they knock you down and throw you into the abyss. As long as you play slowly and stick to the blocks until they retreat, opening a path forward, you should be able to pass through them with relative ease. When you’re done with that, you move on to the next rally banner and the first real boss fight in the mission.

Go up to the arena and you’ll be surrounded by Vex to get out. Start a fight and the game will pretty quickly tell you to gather data and hide when the countdown starts. A headless Vex called Dataholder (Corrupt) will spawn en masse and your goal here is to kill them and get their data which will appear as purple triangles similar to gambit dust. Similar to Gambit, you’ll want to pick up a certain number of them based on what the game tells you and feed them into the Vex Confluence (the white data bar) in the center of the arena. The goal is to make it count down so that the ground around the fusion disappears and you can sit safely in the hole to avoid being removed from the Vex grid, which is instant death. Wait for the timer to wipe out the enemies above, fall into the teleporter below the opening and do it again. During the third cycle, a Hydra named Data Nullifier will spawn and you’ll want to damage it until the tick on the HP bar hits about 60%, at which point it will disappear and you’ll have to collect more data and hide again. In the third cycle, you will be able to damage him again, by which time you will be able to kill him and continue with the mission.

From here, you’re looking for a platform in an arena with no portals and a round pedestal, because underneath it is the way out to the next part of the mission and another part of the platform. Jump down the chasm where you spotted the Wyvern, go to Asher’s ledge and the platform along the narrow paths to the left. The theme of this part is mostly descending; You’ll want to keep an eye out for trails that lead lower and lower. As long as you notice Usher’s disappearing projections, you’re on the right track. What looks like a ramp with a small ledge to stand on will lead you to a huge cylinder with an opening below you, which you’ll naturally long jump to start the final battle. Jump into the portal at the end of the path to appear in the final arena where you will face Variant Stalker Brakion, Repurposed Mind in a multi-phase battle.

Bracion battle

The first phase of the fight is pretty cut and dry: deal damage to the Brachion while clearing the spells. Brakion will teleport between the three ends of the triangular arena, so keep an eye on him so he doesn’t get the better of you. At about 60% health, Brachion will retreat, opening a portal to follow him, but clear any ammo attachments first in case you need them.

In the next phase, Brakion will be in a cage that he can shoot from, and another spire with shooting patterns will appear in the middle of the room. The patterns that were previously on the walls will now be under the transparent pieces of ground on the left and right sides of the arena. Start on the left template and enter the code to knock down the cage, opening Brakion up for damage. Between the code entry phases, the many enemies, including a cyclops and a hydra that spawns a harpy, are the biggest immediate challenge to deal with. Repeat this pattern on the left and it should be enough to make Brachion retreat once more for the final phase.

Brakion’s last phase is also easy, but don’t relax just yet. There are fewer spawns to add, but minotaurs still run through this last room and can kill you pretty quickly. Additionally, Brakion will now follow you and damage you with most of his old moves as well as his new stomps. Once again, be careful in this room, use cover wisely and watch out for Brachion when you burn him. You’ll soon get a kill, after which Vexcalibur will appear and you can pick it up. You’ve completed the mission, but there’s still one more step left in the quest before you can fully enjoy your fun new toy.

Back to HELM

Return to HELM and submit your findings to the War Table to fully unlock Vexcalibur for use, and you’re done!

Reward: Vexcalibur Exotic Glaive

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The Vexcalibur glaive is an energy weapon, meaning it takes up your support slot and uses special ammo. Its intrinsic trait is the M1R Distribution Matrix, a cheeky nod to its creator that makes blocking damage with the glaive shield slowly give you and your allies nearby the Void.

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