Cold Blood Medallions are the only way to unlock the Most Wanted Solid Skull back bling event – here’s how to unlock them.

Fortnite is no longer in early access, but still receives constant updates and new content to keep the game as fresh as possible for all its players. The limited-time event called Most Wanted runs until March 28, and so far it’s been a hit with most Fortnite fans

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Not only does it add new mechanics to the game, but it also has great free items that reward those who play it and complete the event quests. Free to play, so anyone can get them and add them to their locker. The more they play, the more rewards they can unlock. To unlock A solid skull on the backplayers will have to collect Cold-blooded medallionsand this guide explains how to do it.


How to get cold-blooded medallions

mini battle pass during the most wanted event

During the Most Wanted event, players can unlock all kinds of rewards when they complete quests and gain infamy. The Most Wanted rewards page is like a smaller version Combat passand Infamy works the same way Battle stars – players need it to get more rewards. And players who want to unlock rewards faster don’t have enough time to do so complete event quests, or simply don’t want to, can purchase levels for 150 V-Bucks each. However, there is actually another reward that cannot be obtained with Infamy.

getting the most popular quests

Solid Skull Illumination is a bonus goal reward for five Coldblood Medallionsthis is the only wish that can be obtained.

Cold Blooded Medallions are gold snake medallions awarded to those who complete seven quests from a specific quest set. Every two days the event airs, a new set of Most Wanted quests is released, such as Intel & Recon quests or Going In Loud. In order in order to obtain the five required Coldblood Medallions to obtain the Hard Skull Illumination, players must complete seven quests from five different quest sets, bringing the total to 35 Most Wanted Quests.

Fortnite players can play the Most Wanted event until the simple version 23.50 starts on February 28. Once the update is released, the event will officially end and gamers will no longer be able to participate in warehouse robberiesplay with new exotic weapons or claim any Infamy rewards.

Fortnite available on mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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