After the game Stardew Valley For a while, you’ve probably gotten your mitts on this cute little chicken statue from Gunther of the Museum if you’ve ever gifted a chicken statue artifact. There are many more statues to be found in Stardew Valley, far stranger and rarer than any simple Chicken.

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Why did Concerned Ape go out of their way to create some weird secret statues in their game? We may never know, but whether you’re planning to build your own collection of Stardew Valley secret items or just shopping for home decorations, here are all the secret statues and where to find them.

There are many statues in Stardew Valley; many of which can be created or purchased. This list only covers secret ones that have unique methods of obtaining them.

Updated May 17, 2023 by Jacqueline Zalas: We’ve updated this list with a clearer description of how to get each statue. Also, we’ve added a new decor item that you can get.



11 Wumbus

Stardew Valley Wumbus Statue on a mountain background

How to get

Play the Crane game in the cinema during the summer (when the movie “Wumbus” is showing)

What is Wumbus? We’re not sure, but it’s definitely very lumpy. This green hunchback friend who feels it necessary to wear only white shoes can be won in the cinema tap game. To unlock Cinemayou have to complete not only the Community Center but also the Missing Bundle located in the abandoned JojaMart.

During this same time period, you can find a matching Bobo statue.

Wumbus can be obtained during the screening of “Wumbus” in theaters during the second year of theater operation. How did they put an entire statue in a crane game? Maybe it’s best if we stop asking so many questions.

10 Lewis solid gold

Stardew Valley Solid Gold Lewis Statue

Honestly, who wouldn’t want a solid gold statue of our dear mayor of Pelican in their home? This 18 carat beauty can be found in town by finding “Secret Note #19”. You will be able to find and read the secret notes after meeting the “Shadow Guy” otherwise known as our friend Krobus. They will give you a magnifying glass that will allow you to read any notes you dig up or find in the drops.

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The blue house shown in secret note #19 is actually 1 Willow Lane. From there, follow the arrows in each direction until you can move on. You will find yourself in none other than Mayor Lewis’ house. Now you can place his rather expensive-looking “secret project” wherever you want.

9 Gourmet Statue

Stardew Valley Gourmand Statue on the background of the mountain

You’ve probably never seen this wise old frog. This is because it can only be found on Ginger Island in a secret fishing spot. On the eastern side of the island lies Southeast the hidden entrance to Pirate Bay.

Only in these pools can you fish the Gourmet statue, although unfortunately you only have a five percent chance of catching this old sage yourself.

8 Iridium Krobus

Stardew Valley Iridium Krobus Statue on the background of the mountain

How to get

Fish before entering the Cindersap Forest Sewer

This purple Krobus statue is made of pure iridium. Cast a line and fish this guy out of the ocean near Cinderella Forest. An ocean, you ask? Yes, you can technically reach the ocean from the southernmost part of the Cinderella forest.

To reach these depths, you must have a total fishing level of 15. This effect can be achieved by eating Gold Quality Sea Foam Pudding cooked with Qi Seasoning when you reach fishing level ten and increase the casting meter of your rod. .

7 Junimo stone

Stardew Valley Stone Junimo Statue on the background of the mountain

How to get

Solve the secret note #14

This stone cutie is the perfect reminder of all the hard work you put into the Community Center. The location of the Stone Junimo statue can be found after discovering Secret Note #14.

Fittingly, Stone Junimo is located behind the community center, hidden by the building itself by the wooden fence on the right. Hit the ground with a hoe or pickaxe to dig it up. Who buried this small statue behind the Civic Center and why? We may never know.

6 Stone owl

Stardew Valley Stone Owl A random statue against a mountain background

How to get

Farm spawn randomly (at night you will hear an owl hoot if this event triggers)

It is possibly the rarest statue in all of Stardew Valley, not because it is hard to find, but because the Stone Owl statue only appears randomly.

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As you tend to your farm, you have a 0.5 percent chance of hearing an owl hoot before you go to bed. In the morning you will find this stoic friend crouched somewhere on your farm. This is one of the rarest events in Stardew Valleyand is particularly unique because, unlike other item-spawning events, the Stone Owl can even appear twice.

5 ??Forogemon??

Stardew Valley Foroguemon Statue on the background of the mountain

How to get

Place the weird bun in Vincent’s toy chest

There’s something about the name “??Foroguemon??” which is instantly awe-inspiring, if not a little awe-inspiring. This bizarre statue, crouching like a lizard, can be found in an even more bizarre way.

If you were to place a strange bun in Vincent’s toy chest at 1 Willow Lane, who should appear but the Phorogemon statue. You can take it and flaunt it around town or just bring it home. It will definitely make an interesting centerpiece.

4 ??HMTGF??

Stardew Valley HMTGF statue on a mountain background

How to get

Place the Super Cucumber in the hidden box above the blacksmith shop

We hear you. What does “??HMTGF??” stand for What is “??HMTGF??”. Why does it look like Gonzo from the Muppets crossed with Bender from the Futurs? These are all great questions.

Near the blacksmith shop, you can find a brown box inside a small fenced area. Insidiously, the entrance to the enclosure is hidden behind a tree on the right. Place a small Super Cucumber in the box and boom. ??HMTGF??.

3 ??Pinky Lemon??

Stardew Valley pink lemon statue on a mountain background

How to get

Place the Duck Mayonnaise in the hidden box in the Stardrop Saloon storage room (this is the room filled with barrels)

It’s almost like Concerned Ape is asking us… is this Pinkie? Is that a lemon? It’s not clear how we’re supposed to understand anything better than them, but this Dr. Seuss-like creature is just another secret statue that can be found in Stardew Valley by placing a random object in an even weirder place.

Get yourself a jar of duck mayo and head down to the Stardrop Saloon. It’s a little hard to see, but there’s a purple box in the back room. Put that mayo inside and you too can ask out loud, “What the hell is a Pinky Lemon??”.

2 The statue of perfection

Stardew Valley statue of perfection against a mountain background

How to get

Interact with Grandpa’s shrine when all four candles are lit

The main reward, aside from simply rebuilding the Civic Center or even marry your sweetheart from Pelican City, this purple bear statue. Why you may ask? The Statue of Perfection is your reward for passing the “Grandfather’s Grade” after three years on the farm.

If all four candles on Grandpa’s shrine are lit by the end of your third year, according to how well you have taken care of the farm and community, Grandpa will give you a statue of perfection. Much more than just a symbol of your dead grandfather’s approval from beyond the grave, the Statue of Perfection also produces between two and eight pieces of iridium ore each day.

1 A strange capsule

a player on a rain farm looks at a strange capsule

How to get

Random farm spawn (at night you will hear UFO sound effects if the event is triggered)

Finally, we have a strange capsule. It’s not quite a statue, but it’s worth including because it functions the same way. After the first year on your farm, there is a 0.8 percent chance that a pod will appear on your farm.

The item will initially be called “Strange Capsule” with “something fleshy swinging in liquid.” After three days, the capsule will be empty, part of the glass is broken. Once broken, you have a one percent chance of spotting a mysterious figure at night. The capsule has no practical use, but you can use it as a decoration just like you use other hidden statues.

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