To celebrate the Epic Games Mega Sale, Fortnite gives players the opportunity to unlock a set of cosmetic items absolutely free. Back in November 2022. Fortnite offered fans a total of 50 account levels within a few months, with those who succeeded receiving a free reward.

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Epic Games is doing it again and giving away the Coldest Circle bundle, which includes a harvester, wrap, back patch, and skin. This guide explains how players can get free Fortnite Coldest Circle Quest Collect and unlock all its rewards.


How to get the Coldest Circle quest set.

get a quest from the coolest circles in the game

Players can obtain the Coldest Circle Quest Pack by visiting their platform’s store. Although the quests will last longer, offer valid only until June 15, 2023. Later, if the cosmetic items included in the quest set ever return to the game, they will only be available for purchase in the item shop – they will no longer be free.

Here are the participating platforms where players can redeem their copy of the Quest Pack:

By redeeming it, the next time the player logs into their game on the same platform, they will be able to receive the quest pack.

Mobile players will need to log into one of the platforms mentioned above, get the Coldest Circle Quest Pack from the store, and claim it in-game to get the quests. They will then be available on their preferred mobile platform.

Dark Ice quest rewards

dark ice quests for Desdemona's skin

Dark Ice quests are quite simple and only require players to level up their account. To unlock all the rewards in the Coldest Circle quest set, players must get 50 account levels until the quests expire on August 8, 2023. Here are the rewards that gamers can gradually unlock:



Earn five account levels

Cold Furia assembly tool

Earn 20 account levels

Frozen Over wrap

Earn 35 account levels

Glitter on the back of the Frozen Oculara

Earn 50 account levels

Desdemona’s Underworld skin

50 levels may seem daunting at first, but since it’s not a seasonal level that matters, the number of levels players manage to gain will continue to count towards quest progress even after Season 2 Chapter 4 ends in June.

Gamers who don’t have that much time on their hands may want to consider purchasing Captain Hypatia Level Up Packwhich can quickly increase a player’s seasonal level by 28 levels.

Fortnite available for mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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