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Shrines are an integral part of the village The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and Sinakawak Shrine is one of the most interesting and fun challenges this title has to offer. Filled with balloons, you’ll need to accept the challenge to walk away with another blessing (and possibly an opal as well).

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You can find this shrine to the west of the central region of Hyrule in the North Hyrule Plain. This is the main location you’ll want to capture before heading further west, and the opal prize is a nice early game bonus for those of you looking for a few extra rupees.

How to complete Sinakawak Shrine: The Uplifting Device

Sinakavak Sanctuary entrance and location on the map

The first room of this shrine is an familiarization with balloons. You’ll notice some balloons and torch poles, one couple demonstrating how to do it torches can make the balloons float under the platform on the right.


Ignore the couple for now and instead take the large wooden plank on the left. Put it on the ground against the wall and between the line of torches going up it.

Link creates a balloon platform in three steps

Take the torch from close ones and attach it to the center of this raft. Be careful not to put it on an angle or your platform will wobble a bit as you climb.

Having fixed the torch, go to the platform attaching the balloon to the torch.

With the balloon attached and you on board, you’ll slowly begin your ascent, but that doesn’t mean you should relax.

The link takes a photo of the gate switch and the torch pole below it

As soon as you can jump off above, do so and quickly turn around to grab the bottom of the platform so that he does not fly away.

Drag the balloon platform with you to the gate where possible release again and have him go up to press the gate button above.

If you don’t manage to catch the balloon, don’t worry. You can go up the path above and grab it. Pull it until it is directly above the area in front of the goal. Then unstick the balloon and/or pole (it doesn’t matter which) to make them fall again.

You don’t need a platform for the button, so you can just glue the balloon and post together in front of the gate.

Second attempt – two goals, one goal

Link looks at the large orb near the four pillars of fire

In the next room, you’ll need to open the gate on the other side by retrieving at least one orange orb from the chasm far below. Getting both will unlock a chest with opal for you.

So when you enter jump off tracks and slide into the abyss. You will see:

  • To your left are some balloons.
  • Four torch poles.
  • Wooden board.
  • A small orange ball.
  • A large orange orb surrounded by four solid pillars of flame.

Link attaches a small ball to the balloon to quickly finish the temple

If you want to take quick and easy way through the temple without worrying about the opal, all you have to do is go through create another hot air balloon ride as in the previous room. However, this time you will need it attach a small ball to a part of your attraction before lifting the device up.

If you want Opal, you’ll need to build a much stronger platform.

Link attaches the big ball to the platform to catch the balloons

Place all four normal torch poles on the four corners of the wooden board – which should be placed near the wall. Do not attach the balloons yet.

Then we run to big ball and take it to the board. Place it in the center. Then, attach the smaller ball to any part this

Start placing the balloons on the poles. Ideally you should place these balloons diagonally first opposite each other and further at your choice the third pillar.

Alternative solutions: If you like the challenge, you can try making this floating device with solid columns of flame around a large ball. however, if you attach a balloon to one of them, it will fly immediately. If it is attached to a wooden board, it will fly off with an inclined side.

You only need two balloons at diagonal angles with these pillars of fire to make him fly. It does fly much faster, but is much less stable.

In addition, the use of pillars of flame can lead to risk board burning. If so, don’t worry. The board respawns after a few seconds.

The link moves the large ball to the large ball switch for the door

Jump onto the platform when he takes off and, as in the last room, jump off as soon as you can and grab the platform before it escapes.

Alternative solutions: If you don’t manage to jump onto the platform, there is a ladder behind you that you can use to climb up to the tracks above. Run to where your balloon went, move it and unstick them when the above balloon changes.

Peel off the wooden board being over the top area here to send both balls to the ground.

Separate the balls and place them in the appropriate circles (small on the left and large on the right). The opal chest will be behind the door with the large orb, and the end of the shrine can be reached through the door with the small orb.

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