Previously, after the completion of the joint center are included Stardew Valley, the local JojaMart would sit empty and abandoned. That was until the game was updated to version 1.4 and a new post-game event was added: missing package. Once this set is complete, Junimos will turn the abandoned JojaMart into Cinema.

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You can permanently replace this abandoned and derelict building with something much more interesting and valuable. In the cinema you can watch movies, increase friendship level with someone you invite to join you and play the faucet game to get rare items. However, to complete this last set requires some rare items. Read on to learn how to unlock and complete Stardew Valley’s Missing Bundle Challenge.


Updated March 6, 2023: Stardew Valley is consistently considered one of the best farming sims of all time, and it’s practically overflowing with content. We have revised this guide to bring it up to our current standards.

How to unlock Stardew Valley Missing Bundle

stardew valley missing kit

If you choose to go the Community Center route, you’ll need to completely rebuild it by donating all the materials needed to complete the sets. After that, Joja Mart will close for good.

This is important to knowIf you choose the Joja Mart route to turn the Community Center into a warehouse, you will not be able to complete the Missing Bundle.

The cinema will still be available through Joja Mart quests, but you won’t need to collect these items.

One night during the rain in your gamea cutscene will play showing that lightning has destroyed part of the entrance, opening the way inside.

You will encounter the eerie atmosphere of bricks and remnants of a branch of a large Stardew Valley corporation. You will also see that there is one Junimo who failed to return home with the others. This purple Junimo is begging one last bundle so that he can return to the forest, and it is the most difficult to complete.

How to catch hollow salmon

Stardew Valley Gold Quality Void Salmon Witch's Swamp

Void Salmon can only be found in Witch swampwhich can be accessed after launch Quest “Dark Talisman”.. This fish can be a bit more difficult to reel in, so we recommend that you use it you can buy tackle from Willy that can help you, mainly Cork Float or Trap Float. Attach one of them to yours Iridium rodand everything will be fine.

Your Void Salmon should be the quality of gold or iridiumso you’ll probably have to catch a few.

For the fisherman to be happy, aim when the meter is full. Also, make sure you have a high fishing skill before you try this – Sea foam pudding and some other recipes will help with this. Finally, get Quality bobberwhich is rewarded by Wanted Juicy Bugs! Special order.

How to get mayonnaise for dinosaurs

stardew valley dinosaur mayo coop dinosaurs egg

Dinosaur Mayonnaise can be made when you process a Dinosaur egg in a mayonnaise machine for three hours. The mayo isn’t the hardest part, the egg is. If you already have a dinosaur, it will lay an egg every week, and it’s simple.

However, if you don’t have Dino yet, you might want to check where to find Dino Egg lower.


A chance to find

Artifact spots in the mountain/quarry area


Defeat Pepper Rex in the prehistoric Skull Cave levels


Fishing treasure chests


So they are quite a rare find it would be a good idea to place the found egg in the hen house incubator. A dinosaur that hatches will produce eggs once a week, so you can make even more mayo for yourself and donate an egg to Gunther’s museum.

If you use the first one you find (or give it away), it may be a while before you find another one.

How to find a prismatic shard

a prismatic shard with a player fishing in the background

Besides being one of the rarest materials in the game, A prismatic shard can be used to obtain several important items such as the Galaxy Sword and the Wedding Ring. It is also used in the Volcano Forge, as well as for some other purposes.

Fortunately, the shard can be obtained in several ways, which you can learn about below.


A chance to find



Mystic Stones (at levels 100+ in mines)


Iridium Nodes (Skull Cave, Quarry and Volcano Dungeon only)


Fishing treasure chest when your fishing level is 6 or higher


The snake and the mummy


Shadow Brute and Shaman Drop


Skull Cave Treasure Room


The top of the volcano dungeon


A fully stocked pond with rainbow trout


You can only get A prismatic shard at the top of the volcano dungeon (which is on Ginger Island) once.

You can also get one guaranteed Prismatic Shard per day from A statue of true perfectionwhich is rewarded for having 100 percent performance. While it’s technically possible to get this without completing the Missing Bundle, it is high unlikely

We recommend saving the prismatic shard if you find it earlier in the game. This will allow you to quickly donate this item.

How to find spawn

stardew valley caviar canned goods jar shed

The same update that added the Missing Bundle also made it public Fish pondswhere you can place fish and create a habitat for them and then grow them for spawn or fish roe.

Caviar can be grown and produced in these fish ponds. Sturgeon fish placed in a fish pond will produce Sturgeon caviar. This spawn can then be processed into a Can make caviar Other types of fish roe will not work.

In order to catch sturgeon, you need to fish on Mountain Lake from 6 in the morning to 7 in the evening. This fish can be caught only in summer or winter.

How to make quality silver wine

stardew valley silver quality wine barrels farmhouse basement

Wine can be made by placing basically anything fruit in a barrel. It takes seven days to turn into wine. However, for the Missing Bundle, the wine must be of silver quality. The quality of the wine is there increased to silver by placing it in a barrel for 14 additional days.

The wine can be removed from the cask with a hoe, ax or pick when it reaches the silver star.

To use Casks, you will need to upgrade your farmhouse to have a basement. This is done by requesting the last update from Robin after the first two updates. It will cost you 100,000 gold.

Wine can also be bought randomly from the travel cartfrom Statue of infinite luckor received as a gift during the Winter Star holidaybut it still needs to be endured, and these methods are unreliable.

Check out our guide to learn more how to use barrels.

How to Grow Ancient Gold Quality Fruits

stardew valley gold quality ancient fruit greenhouse

Finally, we have the Ancient Fruit. To obtain this item, you must first plant the seed of an ancient fruit. You can find out how to get these seeds below.



Purchased from Traveling salesman

There is a 1.26% chance that Ancient Fruit Seeds will be in the Itinerant Merchant’s inventory

Ancient seed donation Museum

When you donate an Ancient Seed, you will receive an Ancient Fruit Seed as a reward

The artifact version of this seed can be found in the following ways:

  • As drop from bug-like monsters like Grubs and mutant flies.
  • From a treasure chest while fishing.
  • From an Treasure trove of artifacts.
  • Cutting leaves on a stuffed dinosaur Prehistoric floors cranial cave.
  • in artifact sites in the forest or mountains.

It is recommended to plant seeds in a greenhouseas it takes 28 days to grow an Ancient Fruit, after which it will continue to bear fruit indefinitely every week.

Ancient fruits for the missing set should be the quality of gold. You can increase the quality of the crop in two ways: level up your farming skills and plant crops in the fertilized tile.

To learn more about this rare fruit, check out our a guide to everything there is to know about the ancient fruit.

The easiest items to obtain are Ancient Fruit, Prismatic Shards, Hollow Salmon, Caviar, and Silver Quality Wine.

It may take some time to get the Mayo Dinosaur, but you can donate the other five items.

Rewards for completing the missing set

an image of the missing bundle next to an image of an abandoned Joja Mart store

As a reward for completing the Missing Bundle, the abandoned Joja Mart will turn into a Cinema.

Here you can watch eight different films, which alternate in a two-year cycle. You can invite guests to watch a movie with you, and also buy them snacks.

In the lobby you can also find a crane machine with a wide variety of possible rewards.

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