Like a Dragon: Ishin takes a modern approach to the 2014 classic with a new crafting system that will take some time and effort to fully understand. Fortunately, this system can be broken down into a few key parts that should simplify the somewhat intimidating facade it presents.

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The most important factor to remember is that crafting is a progressive system. You can’t just skip the end and immediately create the best gear; you must craft a lower level weapon first. Once you have them, you can follow the lines of the Smithing Chart to see which powerful katanas require a certain required sword.

How to collect resources for crafting

Prerequisites listed on Muramasa's creation diagram.

Craft is an expensive process, but gathering the necessary raw materials is much more difficult than getting money. However, money is key if you want to build the best quality equipment.


Enchanted weapon it does not require a huge amount of money to create, as the cost of 400-500 Ryo is only an estimate. Unenchanted weapon reflect Ryo’s exact expenses.

It is worth knowing about the five levels of equipment:













To begin with, you need to build up some capital to ensure you can buy any raw materials you need to make weapons. You can contact Farming section of another life to earn some money growing crops and fulfilling orders.

Alternatively, you can instead play Chicken Racing in Rakugai to make quick money.

however, the best way to farm both Ryo and crafting materials is to win the battle dungeon areas and complete the substory.

Victory over Sanada Nobuyasu at the end of the Battle Dungeon quest, you will receive a network 20 Ryo and a few items for crafting or required weapons.

Sanada Nobuyasu smiles arrogantly as Ryoma approaches.

Each mission in Battle Dungeon has a specific list of drops and a corresponding monetary reward, but The last mission in Sanada Fortress is the best place to collect the rarest crafting materials, including enchanted items of varying quality.


Element type


Enchanted weapon


Enchanted weapon

Dragon Hawk

Enchanted weapon

Gloves of unbreakable rack

Enchanted armor


Enchanted armor

Inviting hat

Enchanted armor

Mask of the Robber

Enchanted armor

Emblem of the divine dragon

Enchanted armor

Amulet of the god of war

Enchanted armor

Crimson bead

Item to create

Eye of the Dragon

Item to create

Golden medicine case

Item to create

Skin of the Great Serpent

Item to create

Talisman of the Godslayer

Item to create

Dragon whisker

Item to create

Dragon Fang

Item to create

Provincial dojo certificate

Item to create

Snake bandage

Item to create

Rani Haori

Item to create

Golden hammer

Craft item (determines quality)

You can challenge Sanada Nobuyasu as many times as you want to get all the money and materials you need to craft your desired items.

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Which suppliers to use for crafting

Ryoma Sakamoto is standing in front of the blacksmith.

Now that you have the tools you need to craft some gear, it’s time to do it meet two key suppliers:

  1. Blacksmith in northwest Rakugai.
  2. Arms dealer Rakugai, south of Koval.

Buy as many items as you can from the Rakugai Weapons Dealer increase your reputation which unlocks rare required weapons.

These two vendors will be essential for crafting all common items. Enchanted items require separate special processing.

First, you need to level up your blacksmith to gain access to the highest level of crafting items. You will also need to level up with the Rakugai arms dealer.

You can also buy weapons from the weapons dealer in Mukurogai to donate to the Blacksmith, but it’s a much further journey from place to place.

Fortunately, you can level up both providers at the same time with a simple method.

  • First, buy a ton of essential gear from the Rakugai arms dealer. Buying one at a time works well.
  • Next, take all the items you just acquired and donate them to the Blacksmith.
  • Repeat this process until you become a level 15 blacksmith and the Rakugai arms dealer starts selling special supplies. It will take several hundred donations.

Now that your vendors have leveled up and you have plenty of the materials you need, you can start crafting and upgrading items in the Blacksmith.

Add seals to your weapons by upgrading them. Seals will offer useful effects like improved heat regeneration or improved attack rating.

However, you will notice that some weapons cannot be crafted in the Blacksmith when you click on them.

This enchanted weapon must be brought to The man with the dead eyes in Mukurogaiwhich will fully reveal their potential for you.

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How to craft enchanted gear

A dead-eyed man sits outside the Jizyo Prayer Temple as Ryoma watches him from a few feet away.

If you have your eye on an enchanted weapon, you can start by crafting the necessary weapons in the Blacksmith.

Once you get that, go to by the river in Mukurogai and find the Dead-Eyed Man sitting near Jizo Temple.

If you want to get the “best” quality weapon, you should first get it from Deadeye, as he won’t upgrade it for you.

A man with dead eyes no money is needed to make a weapon, he only needs materials are listed on the Smithing chart.

Talk to him and he’ll let you know when you have a must-have item and the options will be listed in a dialog box.

Select the item you want to upgrade to its enchanted form and watch as Deadeye transforms him.

For example, if you bring Dead-Eyed Man Yaksha Blade, he can turn him into a Skink Lizard. Then he can produce muramasathe final tier.

Each enchanted weapon will need to be obtained from the Dead-Eyed Man in this manner.

Weapon prerequisite

Enchanted weapon

special conditions

Skink lizard




Blooming bud

You need 20 Doburok in your inventory.

Worn magic sword

The last of the dragons

Kill 100 enemies with WMS.

Jumbo saw






Stick gun

Spring is in full bloom


Although he has the power to create these magical items, you will must return to the Blacksmith to fully upgrade these items with new seals.

Regardless of the weapon or accessory, filling each open slot with a seal will improve the itemand strengthening the seal will improve its effectiveness.

The complete process of creating and improving an enchanted item:

  1. Buy the necessary materials for needlework.
  2. Craft the best (gold) item of the required quality in the Blacksmith.
  3. Equip the item and talk to the Dead-Eyed Man by the river in Mukurogai.
  4. Get your enchanted item.
  5. Return to the blacksmith to upgrade your item with seals.

While this common for dealing with Ishin’s crafting systemyou will be able to master this complex mechanic by patiently following the process step by step.

Remember follow the lines of the Smithing chart carefully to determine which prerequisite item is required for each enchanted item before you begin.

Some enchanted items have identical root prerequisites, so be sure to transform that first item into its next form to pave the way in stone.

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