Shashlyk is a hidden battle with the boss Chained echoes. Players will be able to unlock this special encounter in Basil by following the anthropomorphic carrot in Rohlan Fields.

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The battle is part of the side quests in the area, and newcomer Chained echoes players you can save time and resources by skipping it. However, seasoned JRPG fans should have no problem defeating the kebab-looking creature with this strategy guide.

Where to find barbecue in Chained Echoes

an image that shows where to find and how to barbecue in echo chains.

Barbecue on the shore of the lake at Vasyl’s. To find him, players must interact with a moving carrot in the farm’s backyard and chase him until he summons his vegetable friends and forms a barbecue.


How to beat shashlik in Chained Echoes

Since Skewer is weak to Fire, players should combine Glenn’s Oil Slash with Lenne’s Fire Thrust and finish him off with an Ultra Move. If he has paralyzed or put a teammate to sleep, players must counter attacks with Saga or Alarm Clock items.

It is worth noting that the barbecue battle consists of two stages. First, it appears as separate vegetables, and then it turns into a super vegetable kebab. Here are the best practices for each stage.

Phase 1: Carrie, Mush, Peppa, Cornelia and Broco Lee

Before forming a barbecue, the walking carrot (Carrie) and his friends attack the players separately. To defeat them quickly, it’s best to focus on Carrie and Peppa, who are the strongest enemies. Players can kill them quite easily with Glenn’s Cross Slash and Sienna’s Cross Slash.

  • Favor Fire-type attacks and avoid Water-type attacks.
  • Give vegetables breaks for attack, defense and agility.
  • Steal copper nuggets from Broco Lee and Masha.
  • Don’t waste TP on Masha and Cornelia. (They are inactive and weak.)

Phase 2: super grated vegetables, barbecue

Like any old school JRPG fans you can guess that the vegetables form a stronger alliance after the first phase, the barbecue. During this phase, Veggie moves gain Super status, meaning they deal more DPS and cover a wider range.

To counter Shashlik’s super moves, players can use Victor’s Shield Mazurka. For his magic, paralysis, and sleep, it’s a good idea to use Sage and Alarm Clock from the item menu. The sage heals the paralyzed, and the alarm clock relieves the state of sleep.

Barbecue courses


Super Lic


Super banal lullaby

Alarm clock

Pepper pain

Shield Mazurka

Carrot chop

Shield Mazurka

Brother Hill

Clean up

Act twice

There is no counter

What are the best moves for whipping up shish kebab?

For the initial phase, Sienna’s Yoko Giri and Glenn’s Wide Swing best skills because they damage all five vegetables. For the second phase, during the barbecue fight, Glenn’s Oil Slash is the best choice, followed by Lenne’s Fire Rush.

What’s the prize for killing a barbecue?

The reward for defeating the barbecue is the title sword for Lenne. After the boss battle, players can research the effigy to obtain the Skewer Sword. I love award ceremoniesthe blade isn’t good at dealing damage to strong bosses, but it’s still a nice addition to a player’s inventory.

Chained echoes now available for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC.

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