“Everything you know is a lie.”

Earlier today, Prime Video released a batch of teaser images from the long-running sci-fi series. Castle As the star series approaches its release. However, keen-eyed viewers may have noticed some quirks in one of the shared photos. Shooting Richard Madden looking at a screen full of information Priyanka Chopra JonasNadiya Sinh’s character includes a QR code that takes users down a rabbit hole, complete with a secret teaser for the series.

To “connect to the mainframe” of the Citadel network, viewers will first need to scan a QR code that leads to Instagram. There, users are prompted to connect to the host computer by clicking on the message in the DM messages Castleaccount of After your account has “verified your credentials”, it will ask you for a password, which can also be found in the same image. Entering it grants you access to Level 1 and unlocks a teaser that the account will send shortly, along with the message “EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS A LIE.”


The teaser itself is short and starts with a trippy shot Stanley TucciCitadel is the hero of the Instagram account repeating the same line. He goes on to add, “What you were was a legend. You were a fortress,” while tense footage from the series plays in the background. It sets a mind-bending journey that combines elements of spy thrillers and action movies. More importantly, the teaser also reveals that it is a full trailer Castle It should arrive on March 1st, which means we’ll know more about the sci-fi spy thriller soon.

Richard Madden looks at the screen with Priyanka Chopra's face at Citadel
Image via Prime Video

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Everything we know so far Castle

Tucchi’s final line directly refers to the Citadel spy organization in the universe that Agents Kane (Madden) and Sinh were members of before their memories were erased. The series follows the two as they try to pick up the pieces and remember what they have forgotten. It is the intervention of Tucchi’s hero, Bernard Orlick, that helps the two return to their independent espionage organization to stop Manticore, a powerful figure bent on establishing a new world order. Leslie Manville Also in the series, she plays Dahlia Archer, the scheming British ambassador to the United States Nikki Amuka-Bird, Timothy Busfieldand Roland Moller complete the content.

Prime Video is working Castle created by Patrick Moran along with Anthony and Joe Russo with David Weil as a pointer. The project was completed quickly one of the most expensive on televisionmore than $250 million was spent on extensive creative renovations and reshoots. Castle Ultimately, it’s key to a larger plan for the streamer, acting as a “mother” series to many spinoffs in the same universe. There is already one spinoff currently produced in Italy played a role Matilda de Angelis More are planned for India and Mexico.

Castle Two episodes will premiere on Prime Video on April 28th, with more episodes being released weekly on Fridays until May 26th. Stay tuned to Collider for more coverage when the trailer drops on March 1st.